Thursday, 28 April 2016

Kurkure Karnival On Wheels in Lahore

Me with my family was out for shopping and we just stop at Liberty, Lahore to buy some stuff for summer.  When we were randomly roaming in shops, I have noticed that three big "Kurkure"'s floats are entering into the liberty market, being a blogger i just got curious, hey what they are doing here????  Anyway, when we are finished from our shopping, i found that those floats are settled into the parking and their Team immediately start distributing packs of "Kurkure" in different flavors to the audience.  

Their team leader start sharing the purpose of this Karnival, and start giving information about Kurkure, its flavors and how they can enjoy this snacks with different food. 

Meanwhile, they just start some healthy competition over there, so that people can enjoy and get some amazing yummy gifts too.

Challenge 1:
Krunch Challenge - With a decibel meter to measure sound level, participants try to have Kurkure as loudly as possible.

Challenge 2:
Flavor Challenge - 
Blindfolded or Kurkure collects of two flavors are poured out in bowls, participants tryto guess the favor of Kurkur

Challenge 3:
Bite Challenge
Participants are timed and they try to finish a pack of kurkure the fastest.

So, my sister won Flavor Challenge, as she is a big fan of Kurkure and easily can recognize their all flavors. 

So far it was a fun loving activity, and we badly needs such activities in our society.   

Me with lovely team <3


  1. I was shopping at Liberty that day too. But I only spotted their advert trucks

  2. haha !! Eating Kurkure loud . Crunch sounds ! I wish I would be their to witness all this fun .

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  4. Haha honestly I don’t like Kurkure, but my sister loves these. The challenges sound pretty fun! It’s a pretty fun way to promote your business.