Monday, 6 February 2017

The body Shop Strawberry Hand Cream with Cold-pressed Strawberry seed oil

Today I am again with my soul brand “the Body shop” again and this time I am with their Hand cream.

As its “The Body Shop”, so its product quality and packaging is as luxury as its brand mythology is. J

Now first come to the packaging, it comes in squeezable soft tube, the tube color is specific strawberry color having big logo on bottom with black little cute cap. Each and every single information related to product is mentioned on the tube. It comes in 30 ml so you can easily carry this in your bag. J

The color of the cream is very light pale pink.  Texture is quite balanced creamy (the usual one) not so runny like lotion nor thicker like body butter.  Very light weight, not greasy or sticky, vegan friendly.
It smells heavenly, like strawberry but best part is that it won’t last more than 1 minute, which is good as those who has allergy with fragrances, like me can also equally use this without any hesitation.  As it has cold pressed strawberry seed oil too so you can also feel the little aroma of that also J

As everybody knows that TBS products are excellent so we just needs a pea size to nourish our hands.  Absorb easily into skin.  A pea size product really works like hell, moisturize and nourish your hands with no time.  After using this cream, you feel that it turned the skin color brighter and also noticed that skin become soft and smooth. I am using this daily like religiously. <3 

I won’t restrict this gold beauty baby specifically for oily skin or dry skin as in winters everybody’s hands become dry automatically and they really needs something to give some life to their hands. Moreover, I feel household ladies who are mainly busy in doing kitchen work, really badly needs to keep this in their kitchen cabinet so that their hands will remain as beautiful as their face skin.

Equally works great in all seasons for all skin types. One tube last for a month if you are using it 3 times a day again depends on your usage of the product quantity and your requirement in a day.

Easily available on all leading stores and they have their own grand outlets in different cities too.  You can also get their products from some online leading stores like “Just4girls” or “”, so far they are trust worthy and has excellent online services too.

Highly recommended for skin care lover people. J

Product sent for test & reviews purpose.  I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer J

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Tapal Danedar New TVC featuring Sanam Saeed & Adeel Hussain

It’s a great sign that people are taking brands on serious note, especially they are showing our culture with the twist of 21st century’s new beautiful relationship norms through digital media.  A special relationship between husband & wife.  Mostly, people are portraying that in our society, especially in Pakistan male are only living to do just some office jobs and females are just spending their life as a housewives.  They are born to do all house hold stuff ie cooking food, cleaning home, making tea and taking care of children at home.
Best part is that now our brands are start showing the positive relationship bonding of new generation. Both understand each other’s responsibilities, especially husband shows some love, care and tenderness towards her wife.

Tapal start a campaign with the name of “Tum, Mein aur aik cup chai” with the main slogan of “Abb Dill ki suno”.

This time they came up with another beautiful celebrity couple, the very simple, classic yet today’s beauty queen Sanam Saeed with the handsome hot hunk Adeel Hussain. In this ad they truly reflect the real strong relationship bonding of young age married couple. Though Sanam was trying to sleep her baby while Adeel come back from office and start waiting for Sanam.  When Sanam back and asking for food or tea, here Adeel stopped her and start making tea, by showing some love.  He feels that his wife is already tired and still manage to offer him food and tea.

you can watch this add here

Previously, they introduced this idea by featuring our very own heart throb “Fawad Khan”, in that ad Fawad was making tea for him and his wife as a token of love that she always keep busy by doing household work.  This shows that our new generation understand each other roles, and being a male they are showing some love and care by just contributing in making tea.

Credits of Tapal Danedar’s TVC:
Director: Asad U Haq
DOP: Tom
Assistant Director Benetone: Oye
Assistant Director Ambience:
Ali Siddique Dadi Executive Producer: Kiran Ikram
Producer Benetone: Oh
Producer Ambience: Muhammed Zohaib Hassan
Make-up: Adnan Ansari
Offline: Pop
Post: Sharp Images
Grade: Sogood
Sound: Kashan at Audiobox
Agency: IAL Saatchi & Saatch
Account Director: Marium Hasan
Sr. Account Manager: Kamran Zulfiqar
Client: Tapal Group
Brand Manager: Rabia Memon
Assistant Brand Manager: Zain Zaidi

Friday, 27 January 2017

My Special Collaboration with the Pioneer in beauty & Hair Industry "Depilex Beauty Clinic"

I am honoured to be Pakistans first blogger to receive a unique
promotional code from a salon, for my followers and that too Depilex Beauty Clinic, a pioneer in the field of Hair and Beauty. I chose one of my favourite hair treatments to offer to my followers; not only is it all natural but also free from harmful chemicals like _Parabens, riclosans, Artificial Musks, Phthalates _and much more, resulting in healthy, shiny and fizz free hair. With the continuous damage we expose our hair through, whether it be from chemical treatments, heat styling or exposure to UV rays, I cant stress enough how important it is to treat your hair as often as you can. This 45 minute luxurious treatment includes a relaxing head and shoulder massage along with steam! I have always had a great experience with the hair experts at Depilex and I hope you do too.

To avail my exclusive discount on 20% off on CoNatural Intense Lustre Oil Hair Treatment for my followers in Lahore to be availed at Depilex in DHA, follow these steps:

• Click on
• Fill in the form with your details, by clicking the above URL

• Click on create promo code tab provided at the bottom of registration form

• You will receive a unique promo code in the email address you provided in the registration form

• Book an appointment at Depilex by calling on 042-35692874/5

• Bring your promo code to Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute, Building 135, CCA Block DD, Phase 4, DHA, Lahore to redeem the amazing discount!

Stay blessed

Monday, 23 January 2017

Wedding Diaries with Sunsilk thick & Long Shampoo - A TVC review

We are living in a land where you can expect any Odd stuff for the sake of fashion or international trend.  Brands are changing their mythology due to some so called " bring some change", being a media person we are still getting all international updates through internet but being a desi person we still love to follow our own norms, customs and typical tradition. We never regrets for being typical desi, as we feel that its in our blood. :)

I am not a TV person except watching it for all political updates or any good movie or sometime if i am free i just honored to my family to watch some drama (which my family is already watching according to their taste )

Its a coincidence, that when i was watching television my ears start melting with some old melody song i immediately start watching TV Screen. I just shocked to see that there was an ad on air and they were showing all beauty of our society (followed by some Desi Wedding theme) Oh man, what the hell is this... Its non other than a well renewed BRAND "Sunsilk". :)

In this ad, they showed that the Model Hania Aamir is quite excited for her brother's wedding, in which she expressed her fashion sense by wearing beautiful eastern wedding dresses followed by some simple yet elegant hairdos. She expressed that she can manage her hairdos at home just because she has healthy thick and long hair.

I simply love this ad, Why? just because, we all female are little crazy for attending any function but this ad reflects that whatever situation is you can easily get ready at home as well without putting some extra efforts.  In this ad they showed some Hairdos which every single girl can do easily at home.  

On "myoun day"She done a " side braid". If you are a simple lady you may carry this hair style easily by doing some easy simple step, and for more glamour you can add some flowers too.

On Mehndi day,  she is looking stunning and has done a hairdo just doing a loose curls with Matha patti.

On Barat, She just simply pin up her hair from one side and leave rest hair freely.

***Yes for best results, please don't forget to to use Conditioner for wow effect :)

Gosh! how beautifully and lively they add colors of our society by putting a message of "simplicity is best".

Credit goes to Brand and their ad agency for taking a step ahead to promote our own culture, showing colors of life.  Its a great message to all that simplicity is best and you can also look beautiful by following some simple fashion sense with big beautiful SMILE :)

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bioderma Sensibio H2O - Bloggers Meetup in Lahore, Product review

 Last month, Bioderma, Pakistan organized a bloggers meetup in Lahore.  Main purpose for this bloggers meet up was that to give some information about their organization, product line and mythology about their skin care brands.

Bioderma Team with Umer Hafeez 
(the man behind this blogger's meetup)

As I already used Bioderma Sensibio H2O so I have idea about this magical potion. Rest people are not sure about it so Ms. Mehwish and Mr. Siddique explained about the benefits and usage of this product. 
I was totally impressed with the arrangements, and their engagement with the bloggers. 

They are replying to all queries and put products for live testing session. Moreover, they also facilitate bloggers to do live skin testing session also through a trained dermatologist.

Last not the least they served a luxury and yummy hi- tea and also gave us a goody bag. Yuppy <3

About Sensibio H2O
I am a regular makeup person, what you can say that I can’t leave without makeup, as being a makeup artist and blogger I am very much into makeup.  I am always trying and testing new beauty products. In short it’s become like Oxygen to me.J 

Being a makeup addict, I am also looking something for skin. Two years back I found this product at Enem store, Lahore, where sales girl explain me about products quality and give a little demo too. I feel Oh man what the hell is this…??? Like I usually used the makeup remover from different brands and they all are in a creamy form, and they failed to remove 100% makeup from my skin, secondly it turned worst when I use that remover over my eyes :/ so basically, I am using two makeup removers one for my skin and one for my eyes :/ which turned me down because I am bit lazy person and always try to do some time saving hacks J

I already told you I am a lazy person, so I definitely needs something to taking care of my skin after using a lot of makeup over my face. I want a product which works great equally over my face and eyes.

I found Sensibio H2O.  In start I feel that how perfectly and magically this water remove my all makeup so I was bit confused either after using this products what will happen to my skin.  But after doing a lot of research over net and using it personally I feel that this “magical Potion” is a blessing for makeup lover.  It removes all makeup easily and also leave my skin soft and smooth J

Just dip a cotton swab from this water and it clean your skin like Patel <3 for excellent result you can repeat the step.  It may become little tacky with some heavy matte liquid lipsticks etc.

I am totally impressed with the formula, and feeling blessed that I found this product. J

This magical potion is available in different quantities, packaging is quite usual, clear plastic round bottle having baby pink cap over it. The product is in transparent “water” form.  All instructions etc mentioned over the bottle.  Though it’s a Miceller water but best part is it doesn’t not contain any kind of harm chemical, free from Alcohol, No fragrance and No Paraben.  Dermatological tested.  Easily available on all leading stores

Though it don’t have any side effect, but again as precaution it’s highly recommended to do a skin patch test first, as if you face any allergy etc., please immediately leave this.

Product sent for test & reviews purpose.  I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer J

Friday, 23 December 2016

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Strobe Revolution Gift Set - Review & Swatches

I have already talked a lot about that I have very oily skin and have fair to medium tone this is the main reasons I am not into highlighters and strobe.  Secondly, Yes I always prefer to use dark color foundations, I basically love tan colors and wont be into Fair tone, for me fair tone gives a pastry and fake look :/  that’s why I always prefer to use a darker shade.

Now come to the point,   saw a huge lovely strobe set over and I feel that Ahaaa this is something really unique and I still wont found this in my country. I start checking about it and found it’s a Makeup Revolution London product and i just ordered this without wasting a single second.

I am totally impressed with their courier services, it came very next day and I was just shocked to see the package … It was a HUGE parcel. I just controlled myself  (giggling).  When i opened it, i feel OMG OMG its a HUGE gift box and having 4 Full size products, honestly i was not expecting it. As i feel its a gift set so must be it contain some sample or travel size products... but but but naaaaaa.... its truly opened my eyes and i start Jumping over the sofa.  lolzzz.... okay let me control my emotion and lets talk about the SET. :)

Packaging:  It comes in a big black gift box size.  The box is in beautiful matte black with clear top . Totally impressed with the packaging <3
As it’s a set so it contains:

1x Pro HD Strobe Palette - Very Big in size
1x Pro Strobe Brush - Standard/Normal Size
1x Pro HD Lights Brush - Standard/Normal Size
1x Strobe Stick - Standard/Normal Size

The Pro HD Strobe Palette is very huge. It contains two Strobe Balm named  Euphoric & Hypnotic and two Baked powder highlighters.  

The 1st Strobe Balm Euphoric is very creamy.  It looks like silver white but when you will apply it turned into rosy pink with white undertone.  To be honestly when I was swatching it I feel Oh gosh what a mess it is but when I applied it and blend it over my cheek bones Oh man it turned very pretty <3 .  

The second Strobe Balm Hypnotic is a typical Pearl white silvery color again it also has Golden undertone which won’t allow you to judge silvery shade :/ .  

These baked Highlighters are so buttery and very light weight. Yes they are little chalky too.  As I am not into creamy stuff so I was more focusing on powdery one and I am totally in love with their light weight and buttery texture.  Its really very pigmented and easily glides on the skin (while I was swatching it with finger)   the No 2 Baked Highlighter is very light like muted rose gold color with the hint of silver.  No 4 Baked Highlighter is a perfect Peachy color with hint of gold.  As they are baked so they have more shine or sheen in their respective sheen color.  As powder they works like an illuminator so for.  For best result what you needs to do is first apply the Strobe Balm and than apply these baked Highlighters. It turned out amazing automatically. J I mean I feel that these balms and baked highlighters are made for each others.  They work normal individually but when u do mix and match and start playing with all of them I got shocked to see their results. So for excellent results you need to put some little more efforts to get Ahaamazing Results. J

These wont gives you a bombastic results as they are not bomb but yes they will give you something really little pretty and quite more than illuminating cum highlighting effects. J

This is not handy, I means its bigger than my hand, so you can imagine the size of products and quantity too J

It also has a Strobe Stick, Oh gosh what a lovely stick it is.  It has milky white Golden color with silver undertone. Easily glides on skin and blends perfectly on desired area. Gives a shines and perfect for a flawless skin.  Yes it’s a retractable stick, you don’t needs to worry about to sharp this again & again. J
Strobe Brush:  it’s a synthetic brush but I am totally in love with its bristles, they are extremely soft. When you start using this you feel OMG, what a beauty you are using it right now. :O seriously.

Lights Brush: Again its, looks like duo fiber brush but basically its a flat top round brush.  Its also a synthetic brush with super soft bristle. Easily blend the cream/powder over your face. <3

I got this beauty Set from at Rs. 2,200/-  :O seriously, I feel I bought all of them like… free of cost…  I must say it is a BEST GIFT which I gifted to myself :D  Like best thing for this fall/winter season. Hats off to MUR for introducing this set on a very reasonable price. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with this set. Highly recommended to all beauty lovers.  As it contains a lot of beauty products and it also won’t sheared your pocket.

 I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer J

Friday, 9 December 2016

20 Magic Herbs Hair Oil by Nature Charms -Review & Tips

Every single person on this earth is facing hair problems.  Everybody is confused either male or female that what to do to get rid from dandruff, itching and mainly hair fall.  These problems are turning worst day by day as people are trying to get some imported or high end branded shampoo, hair oils or hair care products but failed to get the results just because those products doesn’t give much anticipated results.  It doesn’t mean that those brands or products are wrong, main cause for not getting results are that those products are not made for our environments point of view.  We all knew that we have a lot of pollution and dust in our air, which won’t allow our hair to be safe.  If you will not cover your head you feel your hair turned oily within few hours. Most importantly we are not such kind of person to use dry shampoo so we usually wash our hair on daily basis which also cause for hair fall.  I am not saying that washing hair are wrong but it’s a big dilemma that the shampoo we are using to clean our hair or head are full of chemicals, which basically cause for all hair related problems.  When you are on daily wash you definitely need some natural products to restore your hair life. 

Best way is you need to use oil on regularly basis and yes we are living in a society whom believe that only oiling is best for all hair problems. Do you agree with this myth? Let me introduce something regarding this myth.

I tried Nature Charms’s 20 Magic Herbs Oil, and I found it very good. This oil basically contains more than 20 potent herbs & natural oils of following oils:  olive, almond and coconut which is directly imported from Italy.  Along with these oils 20 natural anti hair fall, anti dandruff and anti gray herbs including Amla, ritha, sikakai, fenugreek, flaxseed, rose mary, lemon grass, ginger root, calendula, peper mint, rose petals, hibiscus, camphor, garlic, sesame, winter cherry, false daisy, yarrow, basil, margosa seeds, curry and neem leaves have been added. 

The unique combination of oils and herbs strengthen the hair from inside and make them lustrous and shiny from outside.  It turns hair silky shiny and strong and you will see change within a week of application. 

Apply this oil 2-3 times a week.  Make a small section of your hair and pour oil into the head slightly rub with your fingers tips, just make sure oil is absorb into your scalp properly.   Apply oil in your hair with soft hands, keep it at least for 1 hour and wash your hair with normal tap water. 

The color is usual like mustard oil, but oil consistency or texture is different as it’s a blend of many oils and herbs.  I am personally, using this oil, since last two months, and those who knows me noticed a drastic change in my hair, so far they are going stronger, shiner and healthy.   Meanwhile, I don’t focus on the hair length I knew naturally it is a slow process.  My scalp is now almost free from the dandruff and hair fall is quite controlled now.   I am not oil person but this oil makes me crazy and I am using this oil twice in a week. 

As its very rich oil, the application processing timing is maximum 2 hours and minimum 45 minutes.  You also need to use shampoo that has pH level less than 6 or 5.

Fruits of thoughts:  If you are a busy bee and don’t have much time for hot oil treatments, protein treatments from salon, I strongly recommend you to apply this oil in your hair. Than take a towel dip in Luke water, squeeze extra water and wrap this towel over your head. Relax, sit back for 20 minutes, meanwhile you can read your favorite book or watch your drama.  Than wash your hair leaves it for natural airy dry. Voila! You get a healthy protein treatment at home without wasting hours and hundreds of pennies. 

Being a professional Hair technician I would love to share some fruitful tips for hair care.  I personally, following them and found them good. 
Hair care Tips:
1-       It s highly recommended to do oiling twice in a week.
2-      Best part is applying oil with soft hands, start from roots and then apply on tips and leave it for minimum one hour.
3-      When you apply oil, please don’t I said DON’T message as due to oil, hair roots become soft and when you start doing message its may turned weak and cause for hair fall.
4-      You needs to use a shampoo having pH level lower than 5.
5-      Take a healthy diet
6-      Needs to add fresh fruits and fresh fruits juice
7-      Take a plenty of water daily like religiously
8-      Almonds are best for hair growth – soak 7 almonds in night and eat in the early morning.
9-      Don’t apply any Totka / products in which you are not sure is work great on your skin type.
10-   Life is beautiful don’t waste for “Experiments”

You can get this hair oil from placing order through their face book page "Nature Charms"

Product sent for test & reviews purpose.  I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer J