Wednesday, 15 March 2017

My winter skin regimen - Physiogel Hypoallergenic Daily defence Protective Day Cream Light, Replenishing Night Cream & Daily Moisture Therapy - Review

We are blessed living in a beautiful country where we enjoyed all 4 seasons every year J  we have summer, winter, autumn and spring.  All seasons fully swings with their own beauty.  As being Asian’s blessed country we don’t need to put extra efforts to get any specific seasonal taste also. 

As a beauty addict we always try to get some special care for any kind of season, again we are blessed that we found some great big brands about makeup and skin care.  These brands are working hard to provide us the maximum facilities in health care medicines and obviously skin care too.

So let me confess that few years back I simply hate the “Sunblock” kind of thing, once I tried any I just simple tried and test that specific product only for 5-6 times. Yes, I am not a regular user of such beauty care products too. Reason is that I am quite lazy person and I feel that I and my skin is quite a rough and tough so we can bear any kind of harsh or hard effect.  Secondly, I prefer to use some desi stuff to give life to my skin. J

Anyways, come to the point, I am facing some skin issues i.e sensitivity and pigmentation.

In winters we normally faced one and only big problem that is “extreme dryness”, redness or mostly faced patchy skin in this cold winter.  We have very limited option about skin care products in our local market, basically we have a lot options in the market but honestly we are not sure which one is suitable for our skin tone and type.

In this coming February I selected Physiogel Hypoallergenic skin care products.   Why do I picked this just it’s from Stifel, and stifle is well renewed name in medicine industry.

My first pick is their day cream

Physiogel Hypoallergenic - Daily Defence
Protective Day Cream (Light) (SPF 15)
For Normal/Combination, Sensitive Skin

This cream’s best part is that it’s a day cream with having SPF 15 (Sun protective factor) Like you simply apply one cream instead of applying some layers of sunblock with your routine cream.
Second best part is that its free from colorants, perfumes and Zero preservatives. Ahem Ahem, told you its “stiefle” brand.

Third positive point is that it contains advanced PhysiogelBioMimic Technology, an antioxidant complex, and broad spectrum UVA/VUB protection.

Packaging:  Very impressive round plastic white bottle, with pump. Bottle and pump quality is excellent. You can easily pump the knob and get required product without any hassle.
All product details with ingredients, usage, products pros and con’s making and expiry dates are mentioned over the bottle and the box as well.

Texture:  It’s a skin care product so the color of the product is almost “Ash White”, though texture is thick & quite balanced creamy form.  Only one pump is enough to get the product for whole face.
My experience:
I am using this product since last four (4) Weeks, and I am totally in love with this, why just because of its formula. Very light and smooth texture.  It easily blends and absorb into the skin & leave your skin light. Non greasy or sticky.  It start working gradually and giving results with the passage of time.  My skin becoming smooth and my scars marks gradually turning light. It’s a day light cream so best to safe me from sun & stove heat, also safe me from dust and smoke. I must say works great as safeguard for all bad environmental effects.

Physigel Hyoallergenic
Daily Defence  - Replenishing Night Cream

This is highly recommended if you are a working lady and more into makeup stuff. You truly need to pay special attention to your skin.  Well, Night creams are the “Must Have” products for ladies who are above 25. Its better to give some nourishing and life to your skin for healthy glow. The night cream is a special food for a mature skin, if you wont take this and start avoiding, you definitely start getting age sign over your skin.

Health is wealth for healthy people and it wont complete with healthy & glowing skin. Just imagine if you missed out your lunch or dinner from your daily routine, the same case if you start missing your day or night cream it means you are allowing age signings to come & reflects over your skin. Please take notes. 

Again I am using Physiogel’s nigh cream as I knew that its contains an advanced complex of essential lipids and an antioxidant to increase skin’s resilience to sensitivity triggers such as pollution. This one also has advanced Physiogel BioMimic technology, which works naturally and gently with your skin to strengthen and repair skin’s barrier function at night hen skin is more receptive to renewal.

Physiogel Hypoallergenic
Daily moisture therapy
Body lotion

If you have a dry skin or a combination oily skin, every skin needs to looks good and healthy.  You can’t survive in this world if you claim that you have dry skin and you are not using anything for your body, hands and feet…. I means Seriously….. :/  lets confess that yes we are living in a country where we faced 4 seasons and every season has its beauty and some weather effects also.
I also meet some people who said they have extreme dry skin and someday they will dissolve in the air like powder. So my love, you badly need something which allows you to take breath in every season.  This body lotion is not only a skin care product but also a life saver for those who have extreme dry skin.

It allows you to repair your skin, balanced out the moisture and you can get rid from dry and tight skin. Easily apply over your skin at anytime just wait and your will notice the difference. 

Again this beauty is also clinically proved to moisture the skin barrier and free from perfumes, and colorants.

Its formula is very light and effective, equally works great for babies, children and adult,

The above three products are my current skin regimen since last one month.  I am totally happy and satisfied with their formulas and results and amazing.

Let me tell you clearly, that you can’t get results within one day or one week, for best and fine results you needs to show some patience, as sometimes skin may took some times to accept any product or specific formula. 

It’s highly recommended to test any kind of products over your wrist or do a skin patch test.

Another piece of advice, if you have allergy from any specific ingredients or formula, please read the ingredients carefully.
Above all I always recommended to my all readers that, please do consult to your dermatologist for any skin care products.

Product sent for test & reviews purpose.  I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer J


  1. Hey Fakhra, Thank you for sharing this detailed article about Phsiogel. Sounds interesting! Keep sharing!

  2. This is a very good product. Always recommended by doctors as well.


  3. Great regimen Fakhra! Would be trying it out too

  4. This is a nice skin care routine dear, thanks for sharing

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