Monday, 2 May 2016

Dessata Professional Detangling mini Brush

We female spent alot of money for buying different accessories to give comfort or looks beautiful. For this we always be active to search something new for us also :D

Recently, i got chance  to try something for my hair, ahem ahem,,, i am not into hair care blah blah blah... But when i found this unique hair care baby, i cant resist my self to try this one.  Here is my views about the product

Originally from Spain, and they have their own patent of this brand. The Dessata brush detangles your hair easily without putting extra efforts. Its bristles are made from a special gel which allows you to do comb your hair without any break down.  As it does not static, so your hair become soft and shiny after comb.

Packaging: Its made of plastic and the color combination they used for these brushes are amazing.  Its easy to handle and carry in bag.  Specialty of this brush is that they special designed its shape according to the human head shape.  Its has bristles in 3 different sizes which means they can easily comb your hair as per the depth and length of your hair.

I have combination hair :/ strange but bitter truth.  On my head i have silky hair, but after lower neck/shoulder length it turned wavy (bit tangle too) So when i start doing brush i always face that over length i have to put some extra effort to comb them. :/  When i used Dessata Detangling mini brush, i feel it make my life easy or tangle free, i can comb my hair easily and happily.

Easy to carry
flexible in use
Design is cute
Shape is special design according to head shape
Best for college girls and working ladies
Available in different colors
Easily washable
Easily available on all leading stores

This brush is best for wavy, normal, medium tangled hair, i think it wont work great for those who has heavy thick curly hair.

Highly recommended

You can get their more ranges on their web site or can get more updates on their face book page Zanedo Pakistan

Products sent for test & reviews purpose.  I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer :)


  1. This looks great, would work best for those who have dry or frizzy hair and face hard time getting hair De-tangled!

  2. this seems a kool hair gadget :)

  3. This is such a cute hair tool <3

  4. Yeah ! That seems cute by designs plus really handy and portable :)

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