Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Skin Regimn from Du'Vi Stockholm - Brief Review with pictures

About Brand
Du'Vi Stockholm is passionate about developing skin care solutions with a unique combination of natural and organic ingredients from different parts of the world to give your skin a treatment  it truly deserves

All products are paraben free & Phenoxyethanol free.

Here i am going to share their some skin care products, which are i am using since last 3 months. Hope it will help you out to select the right skin care regimen for coming season.

Green Tea Face Wash:
with Aloe Vera Extract
(Suitable for all skin types)
(99% ingredients from natural origin)

What company claims:

A gentle foaming wash that effectively sweeps away impurities to reveal a fresh and luminous complexion.  enriched with a healthy blend of natural ingredients including green tea, aloe vera and olive vegetable extracts, these extracts are known for moisturizing and soothing your skin, as well as reducing the severity of breakouts.

My Experience:

Being a blogger and makeup addict, i am very much into makeup and normally i used to do makeup frequently and its a big truth that i wont compromise over foundation quality as i always do a full coverage foundation.  People who are into full coverage foundation can understand the quality and layers of the foundation over the face.  ( i mostly prefer to do a build able coverage, by using this technique you can safe time and foundation quantity too). Now come to the point, as i am a foundation freaked, so i always prefer to buy some good skincare products to safe my skin from the after effect of the makeup etc. i always prefer to buy some good face wash rather than some good moisturizer... YES i am little bit lazy so prefer to buy a good face washer who safe my life from doing cleansing, toning and moisturizing :/

I always prefer to buy a face washer who can help me out to get rid from impurities, can be good or works great for acne or prone skin and also gives me refresher look as well.

I just found this Du'Vi's Green Tea Face wash.  As many companies are introducing face washes, cleanser mostly in fruits flavor, but this one is having green tea!  My first impression was "oh lets see how does this green tea" woks to reduce my skin care routine like the real green tea works for reducing fats.  :D

When i open the tube i feel a strong smell of Green tea, as i am a green tea lover so it wont bother me at all, but again if you have allergy with such strong smells it may bother you a little bit.

I used this face washer over my face, having heavy and light foundation, without foundation etc. and i seriously found this face wash truly amazing, it really works great. It removes my makeup without putting extra efforts, removes all impurities and make my skin refresh without giving a dry or greasy effect.

Packaging, Texture & Usage:
Comes in 150 ml, big white soft tube. Its texture is average, not so thick nor running watery. Easily handle to pour into your palm.

I am using this face wash daily like religiously basis twice a day every day :).

Du'Vi Bamboo Scrub
with Bamboo Exfoliating Powder
(Suitable for mixed to oily skin)
(Ingredients from Natural Origin are 87+%)

What company Claim:
this scrub has been specifically developed for daily use. bamboo scrub carefully removes dead skin cells, impurities and releases skin pores while preventing the formation of small pimples.  Enriched with bamboo powder to absorb the excess sebum and to keep your skin purified.

My Experience:

When i open the tube i feel,,, O la la what a pretty smell, light, soft like a garden of roses. :)  Its a very light weight white color cream, having very small, micro white beads of bamboo exfoliating powder which works great to remove the impurities & dead cells.  The bamboo powder also absorbs the excess sebum and keep your skin purifies.  When you will apply this on your skin it gives you a soft feeling.  Again this beauty care products, suitable for mixed to oily skin and you can use this on daily basis.  Its highly recommended apply this scrub softly and gently over your skin in circle motion to avoid for any harsh feelings. No sticky or greasy effect after wash.

Packaging, Texture & Usage:
This also comes 150 ml  big white soft tube.  Texture is white thin creamy having small white grains.

I, personally, using this scrub twice or thrice in a week.

Du'Vi White Daisy Skin Brightening Face Cream
(Suitable for all skin types)
(96% ingredients from natural origin)

What company claims:

Formulated with more than 96% of ingredients from natural origin, white Daisy Skin Brightening Face Cream is enriched with a blend of premium ingredients known to reduce the production of melanin.
They are also known for very strong and effective skin brightening properties, enhancing the appearance of your complexion within 14 days.

My Experience:

This product comes in a sleek rounded plastic bottle having a pump with clear cap over it.  when i open the bottle and get some product from the bottle, i again fall in love with the aroma of jasmine flower with the blend of roses..... Uffff super lovely....

Normally, its a big challenge for a girl to get the creamy product from a pump, as most of the time either product texture is too watery or the pump refused to work perfectly. So its a big hassle to manage both. But Du'vi put some extra efforts on the product quality as well as the packaging. The product texture and pump quality both are excellent so you can get the product easily.

As the weather was changing, i feel my skin changing and turning dull so i start using this daily in the morning. When you press the pump, you can get enough cream to apply over your face.  It absorbs into skin and make skin soft. Gives a matte glowing look.  Well i have noticed that its result is quite slow. Its start giving a glowing effect and turned my skin alive but still it took some time to get back you a fresher and younger look. For me it took almost a month to show some results.  So, please calm down and use this magical cream patiently. You will get the excellent result by the passage of time.

Packaging, Texture & Usage:
This white beauty comes 50 ml round sleek white bottle.  Texture is average white creamy.

Again as its a brightening face cream i am using this daily.

Final Thoughts:
Its been ages, i found a brand who has such huge organic skin care products those are easily available in Pakistan as well. Totally impressed with their product quality & packaging.
I tried 7 tested these products in February & March.  Moreover, i tried them by wearing make, how does they work if i used them without cleansing etc., also tested on bare skin in day & night.  Highly recommended. Yes they are bit pricey but its all about your beauty and skin care, better to spent some money on worth buying original Organic caring products.

Fruits of thoughts:

Products results are also based on changing seasons and your personal mood variance too. So its highly recommended don't judge any product by single or twice use.  If you feel that product is not giving you a result up to your expectation or what the brand is claiming about the product quality.  Kindly give some space to "yourself", stop using product and after 15 days or after a month again try this product.  You will feel the difference.  :)

Why i am mentioned this here, because being a female, we mostly faced some certain phases, so during those phases, we never get the exact results.  :)  Brace yourself gives some time to yourself to settle down, than again try the product.

Organic products are less chemical treated and zero chances of negative reaction, but still its highly recommended if you face any allergy etc., stop using product and directly consult to your best dermatologist.

Availability:  At Daraz , Du'Vi Website, Pot Pourri (DHA), Beatex Salon (DHA), Organic Shop (DHA)

Stay beautiful <3

Products sent for test & reviews purpose.  I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer :)


  1. Hey Fakhra!! Welcome back to blogging :)

    Great review . I am now so intrigued by this range. Def gonna try bamboo scrub.

  2. Nice review. Will try this face wash soon.Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is really a great great review ! Secondly hypoallergenic stuffs are quite amazing against the remedies to skin . My skin type is highly allergic and oily . got acne every day . too much trouble . Still couldn't be a able to find a perfect face wash yet :(

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