Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Jo’s Organic – Turmeric Mix/Ubtan (Brighten & Glow pack) Review

Last year, i was facing skin issues, acne, black heads, patchy skin etc. etc. i dont want to visit a doctor, as my preferences was to search some herbal totka, for this.  I worked alot and done some research over this and found some people / pages who are passionately working over herbal products and trying to change common people mind set  so that they can get some really reliable skin care stuff containing all natural / herbal ingredients.  Let me start this with " Jo's Organic Beauty", their intro and their Face Pack.

Company Introduction:

Jo’s Organic Beauty “ is about natural skin product loaded with skin loving nutrients.  The ingredients in each of our product are finely handpicked and 100% organic, free from paragon.  So they bring out the best results in skin care, helping to naturally glow with radiance.  Each of our product contains unique blend of herbal plant extract, butter, beeswax, exotic oils, vitamin rich oil and minerals too soothe, heal, and enhance your face, body and mind.  We sprinkle our product with love and care.  So you may blossom from within and always look irresistible, beauty best!

Jo’s Organic – Turmeric Mix (Brighten & Glow Pack)

This face pack is made from organic fruits extracts, finely ground herbs, flowers, and root powder which are sun dried and carefully blended, it can be used as cleansing scrubs or as face packs for deeper exfoliation.

Its not only help in giving you a fairer complexion, but they also fight other skin problems like acne, pimples, blemishes, dark spots, tan, wrinkles and blackheads, whitehead, and skin tanning. 
All the ingredients used are organic and natural therefore; it does not have any harmful side effects and suits all skin types.

How to make:

Take one table spoon of the turmeric mix powder, add a small amount of the rosewater, fresh milk or yogurt, mix well until the mixture achieves a smooth and creamy consistency. apply this paste of mixture over your whole face and leave it for 20 minutes and wash off.

My Experience:

Last year i was facing acne, blackheads and patchy skin issues so me truly was searching any herbal product to get rid from all skin issues, i found Jo's on facebook and decided to talk to the owner of this page. I called Ms. Jovita, and discussed about my skin issues, after a long discussion, she suggested me Turmeric Mix/Ubtan Brighten & Glow pack.

When i was making a paste of the pack, i feel, ... ahem ahem... its look like, i am mixing something normal gram floor, as i am a big risk taker so i just ignored the feelings and applied paste over my face, wait for 20 minutes and washed my face. OH MY GOD, it works like hell, truly...it recovers 50% my skin issues only applying single pack. it make my skin glowing, my acne gone within two days. I cant expect such quick and amazing results from this :) Jovita you win the heart. <3

My nieces facing white heads over her face and neck (on jawline), i applied this pack over her face and neck, and YES her white heads gone within two days too. la la la

I wont claim, that this pack give you whitening effect like Chitta, but i am damn sure this pack give you a radiant glow, give you 100% result for acne, dry patches and works great for dark spots too.

Highly recommended especially our teens, facing acne issues, pls pls pls try this lovely magical face pack and get rid from acne.

For their product range and any consultancy kindly visit their face book page

Happy shopping with Jo's Organic.

PS:  Before buying any skin related products, its highly recommended to consult your dermatologist, or read the ingredients to avoid any allergy or infection.  

Life is beautiful, Live it full of Passion <3


  1. i have tried this, and the oatmeal and gree tea mask aswell - thought they were nice but not amazing

  2. There products sound nice :) Cant wait to try them out :) xx

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  4. Sounds great. I love jo's organic chocolate scrub. It's my fav <3

  5. My experience with Jo's was really good. You need to try their Chocolate Face Scrub.

  6. Heard alot of good things about this product definelitely try it sometime :)

  7. Sounds good ! i love their chocolate face scrub and candy foot softner (^_^) !

  8. Sounds good ! i love their chocolate face scrub and candy foot softner (^_^) !

  9. Sounds like a good product for summers. Thankx for sharing.

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