Thursday, 5 May 2011

Copper Kettle

Hi lovely Lilies,

Hope you guys are enjoying summer, by the way in our country we are getting DOUBLE TREAT in summers, the natural sun bath in day time and sweating bath in evening & night almost 2-3 times as we are facing Electricity shortage (so called) in our beloved country. Well our government is now trying to make us rough and tough people. :D Anyways, its a big debate. Let’s come to the heaven again.

Last week I have attended a wedding function where I wore sari (i am a sari lover) first time in my life I wore such color and done a smooth smoky eye makeup. I wore pearl jewelry, as I want to make myself on a lighter side I was totally confused to wear such color especially in sari. Although I had a huge collection of sarhis but I am very very selective in color selection. I usually choose light and soft colors.

I used word Kettle for this look as I feel my face is just giving a hint of Round Tea Kettle. ;-) yupiii.

Your feedback is like a breath for me.

Fakhra :)

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  1. hi im a new follower!
    this is beautiful makeup!
    and pretty necklace!!
    and i actually noticed you have a bit of pigmentation in the white of your eye... i suggest u should wear (good)sunglasses when you go out in the sun.
    btw im having a giveaway at my blog soon!
    follow me to get in on the blog!!