Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Candle Light Makeover

Hi Lilies,

I was just wondering, what to do in my free time, so i tried this, in the middle of the work electricity gone and i finish it in candle light. Mostly people do dinner in candle light but i done ma makeover in candle light ;-) amazing na :P.

Hope u like it.

Love u all

Fakhra :)


  1. Nice eyeshadow colours! I wish I learned to use more colours cause I always use the same dark brown and champagne. :)

  2. Sara: thank you :)

    Minna: not big deal u just knew that how to apply and do practice i even used black eyeshadow as eyeliner ;)

  3. hey thanks for dropping by..i hope we will keep visiting each other :)
    this look is nice and simple..

  4. hey! im a new follower here!
    lovely eyemake up!!

    lolz! make up in candle light! love it!

    btw theres a giveaway happening at my blog soon! so check it out!

  5. thanks for the sweet comment. i like the makeup. I am following you, hope you will do the same.

    take care