Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Some Desi Stuff

Hi Lilies,

One and half months back I purchased some desi stuff. When you enter in any shopping mall you must see few things are highly overloaded on the racks….. LUX & Dabur’s Vatika hair care products. So I purchased few things:

1- LUX Body Wash in Peach and Cream Flavour.
2- Dabur Vatika coconut Hair oil.
3- Dabur Vatika Styling Hair Cream in Hair Fall Control.
4- Dabur Vatika Styling Hair Cream in Dandruff Control.
5- Labello Lip Balm in Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter.

I already was conscious about LUX Body Wash as every body is talking about it. Let me start with LUX body wash first.

Now a day, when you switch on the TV you will noticed that on every channel most of the celebrities comes to almost all channels and they just talking about LUX body wash, either its morning shows, afternoon shows or a movie break….. and above all Ms. Katrina’s ad as well….. ;-)

LUX is a big brand name and I am really big fan of their toiletries and they always give me surprise for introducing new fragrances and new colors in their bath soap line.

Recently they are offering bath wash in 3 flavors.
When you switch on the TV you will see everybody is talking about Luck Body wash so due to this reason I thought why don’t I try this body wash, let’s see what they are offering to their customers. For this purpose I purchased LUX body wash in Peach & Cream flavor.

What they are saying about their product:

Experience New LUX Body Wash, with just a few drops, New Lux Body Wash makes your skin so soft, it’s truly unforgettable!

Lovingly formulated with sumptuous peaches in moisturizing cream, New Lux body wash will indulge your skin to leave it luxuriously soft and velvety smooth.

Just a few drops for skin so soft, its truly unforgettable.

Look how easy it is to pamper yourself!
1. Pour a small amount* of LUX body wash on the loofah. (*equivalent to a teaspoon)
2. Squeeze the loofah to work up a velvety lather
3. Gently cleanse your skin with this creamy lather and rinse off.

Your skin will be just gorgeous, like you always wanted!

My views on this product:
I personally liked the packing and loofah color is so eye catching. Price is very economical 120 ml is just Rs. 99/- (around $ 1)

About Loofah:
Personally I feel that the loofah is good to make velvety lather and when u apply body wash with it may rinse off easily, but it may not allow you to feel that what type of flavor you are applying. :o

Liquid Body wash:
The liquid is in pearly white form, with normal thickness. You need a hell of quantity to use it on your body. (Without loofah)  and may be also feel that you are applying some sort of body wash (with average flavor fragrance)


When you use it you feel a normal bath rather than they expressed in their ad, when you finish the shower the fragrance of the body wash will automatically disappeared. :D, after 3-4 wash the Loofah may not allow you to use it :P (my camera is not working otherwise I will also post that dead loofah picture) :P.

General observation:
What we expect in just Rs. 99/- but I feel that LUX is a big brand name they should concentrate on their quality rather than focused on price. I feel that they just follow the marketing rules for this product. Highly paid actress, lot of printing and electronic media publicity may attract the people but still people also expect quality as well. Simple…


For one time only,  If you have enough money must buy a good body shower  as in summer we always need a good shower so that others can bear us. :P

So always be happy :)

love u all

Fakhra :)


  1. I tried LUX MAGICAL BEAUTY body wash & it fragrance lasted for good 4 to 8 hours :)

  2. oh thats great but mine experience with peach and cream is not good, okay will try this flavor. :)

  3. Ive tried the hair fall control cream.. the ingredients are great but I always get the feeling there are more ingredients in it than stated? lol :) x