Friday, 23 December 2016

Makeup Revolution HD Pro Strobe Revolution Gift Set - Review & Swatches

I have already talked a lot about that I have very oily skin and have fair to medium tone this is the main reasons I am not into highlighters and strobe.  Secondly, Yes I always prefer to use dark color foundations, I basically love tan colors and wont be into Fair tone, for me fair tone gives a pastry and fake look :/  that’s why I always prefer to use a darker shade.

Now come to the point,   saw a huge lovely strobe set over and I feel that Ahaaa this is something really unique and I still wont found this in my country. I start checking about it and found it’s a Makeup Revolution London product and i just ordered this without wasting a single second.

I am totally impressed with their courier services, it came very next day and I was just shocked to see the package … It was a HUGE parcel. I just controlled myself  (giggling).  When i opened it, i feel OMG OMG its a HUGE gift box and having 4 Full size products, honestly i was not expecting it. As i feel its a gift set so must be it contain some sample or travel size products... but but but naaaaaa.... its truly opened my eyes and i start Jumping over the sofa.  lolzzz.... okay let me control my emotion and lets talk about the SET. :)

Packaging:  It comes in a big black gift box size.  The box is in beautiful matte black with clear top . Totally impressed with the packaging <3
As it’s a set so it contains:

1x Pro HD Strobe Palette - Very Big in size
1x Pro Strobe Brush - Standard/Normal Size
1x Pro HD Lights Brush - Standard/Normal Size
1x Strobe Stick - Standard/Normal Size

The Pro HD Strobe Palette is very huge. It contains two Strobe Balm named  Euphoric & Hypnotic and two Baked powder highlighters.  

The 1st Strobe Balm Euphoric is very creamy.  It looks like silver white but when you will apply it turned into rosy pink with white undertone.  To be honestly when I was swatching it I feel Oh gosh what a mess it is but when I applied it and blend it over my cheek bones Oh man it turned very pretty <3 .  

The second Strobe Balm Hypnotic is a typical Pearl white silvery color again it also has Golden undertone which won’t allow you to judge silvery shade :/ .  

These baked Highlighters are so buttery and very light weight. Yes they are little chalky too.  As I am not into creamy stuff so I was more focusing on powdery one and I am totally in love with their light weight and buttery texture.  Its really very pigmented and easily glides on the skin (while I was swatching it with finger)   the No 2 Baked Highlighter is very light like muted rose gold color with the hint of silver.  No 4 Baked Highlighter is a perfect Peachy color with hint of gold.  As they are baked so they have more shine or sheen in their respective sheen color.  As powder they works like an illuminator so for.  For best result what you needs to do is first apply the Strobe Balm and than apply these baked Highlighters. It turned out amazing automatically. J I mean I feel that these balms and baked highlighters are made for each others.  They work normal individually but when u do mix and match and start playing with all of them I got shocked to see their results. So for excellent results you need to put some little more efforts to get Ahaamazing Results. J

These wont gives you a bombastic results as they are not bomb but yes they will give you something really little pretty and quite more than illuminating cum highlighting effects. J

This is not handy, I means its bigger than my hand, so you can imagine the size of products and quantity too J

It also has a Strobe Stick, Oh gosh what a lovely stick it is.  It has milky white Golden color with silver undertone. Easily glides on skin and blends perfectly on desired area. Gives a shines and perfect for a flawless skin.  Yes it’s a retractable stick, you don’t needs to worry about to sharp this again & again. J
Strobe Brush:  it’s a synthetic brush but I am totally in love with its bristles, they are extremely soft. When you start using this you feel OMG, what a beauty you are using it right now. :O seriously.

Lights Brush: Again its, looks like duo fiber brush but basically its a flat top round brush.  Its also a synthetic brush with super soft bristle. Easily blend the cream/powder over your face. <3

I got this beauty Set from at Rs. 2,200/-  :O seriously, I feel I bought all of them like… free of cost…  I must say it is a BEST GIFT which I gifted to myself :D  Like best thing for this fall/winter season. Hats off to MUR for introducing this set on a very reasonable price. I am truly, madly, deeply in love with this set. Highly recommended to all beauty lovers.  As it contains a lot of beauty products and it also won’t sheared your pocket.

 I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer J


  1. wow, definitely going to buy this beauty. right now using mur blush palette which also has two powder highlighters. absolutely loving using it. thanx for such candid review.

  2. Woah this sets looks absolutely gorgeous. Gotta get this for sure. Thanks for the review

  3. Brushes look so soft and fluffy but shades are over shimmery for me.

  4. Definitely going to buy this beauty. Gotta get this for sure. Thanks for the review.

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