Friday, 9 December 2016

20 Magic Herbs Hair Oil by Nature Charms -Review & Tips

Every single person on this earth is facing hair problems.  Everybody is confused either male or female that what to do to get rid from dandruff, itching and mainly hair fall.  These problems are turning worst day by day as people are trying to get some imported or high end branded shampoo, hair oils or hair care products but failed to get the results just because those products doesn’t give much anticipated results.  It doesn’t mean that those brands or products are wrong, main cause for not getting results are that those products are not made for our environments point of view.  We all knew that we have a lot of pollution and dust in our air, which won’t allow our hair to be safe.  If you will not cover your head you feel your hair turned oily within few hours. Most importantly we are not such kind of person to use dry shampoo so we usually wash our hair on daily basis which also cause for hair fall.  I am not saying that washing hair are wrong but it’s a big dilemma that the shampoo we are using to clean our hair or head are full of chemicals, which basically cause for all hair related problems.  When you are on daily wash you definitely need some natural products to restore your hair life. 

Best way is you need to use oil on regularly basis and yes we are living in a society whom believe that only oiling is best for all hair problems. Do you agree with this myth? Let me introduce something regarding this myth.

I tried Nature Charms’s 20 Magic Herbs Oil, and I found it very good. This oil basically contains more than 20 potent herbs & natural oils of following oils:  olive, almond and coconut which is directly imported from Italy.  Along with these oils 20 natural anti hair fall, anti dandruff and anti gray herbs including Amla, ritha, sikakai, fenugreek, flaxseed, rose mary, lemon grass, ginger root, calendula, peper mint, rose petals, hibiscus, camphor, garlic, sesame, winter cherry, false daisy, yarrow, basil, margosa seeds, curry and neem leaves have been added. 

The unique combination of oils and herbs strengthen the hair from inside and make them lustrous and shiny from outside.  It turns hair silky shiny and strong and you will see change within a week of application. 

Apply this oil 2-3 times a week.  Make a small section of your hair and pour oil into the head slightly rub with your fingers tips, just make sure oil is absorb into your scalp properly.   Apply oil in your hair with soft hands, keep it at least for 1 hour and wash your hair with normal tap water. 

The color is usual like mustard oil, but oil consistency or texture is different as it’s a blend of many oils and herbs.  I am personally, using this oil, since last two months, and those who knows me noticed a drastic change in my hair, so far they are going stronger, shiner and healthy.   Meanwhile, I don’t focus on the hair length I knew naturally it is a slow process.  My scalp is now almost free from the dandruff and hair fall is quite controlled now.   I am not oil person but this oil makes me crazy and I am using this oil twice in a week. 

As its very rich oil, the application processing timing is maximum 2 hours and minimum 45 minutes.  You also need to use shampoo that has pH level less than 6 or 5.

Fruits of thoughts:  If you are a busy bee and don’t have much time for hot oil treatments, protein treatments from salon, I strongly recommend you to apply this oil in your hair. Than take a towel dip in Luke water, squeeze extra water and wrap this towel over your head. Relax, sit back for 20 minutes, meanwhile you can read your favorite book or watch your drama.  Than wash your hair leaves it for natural airy dry. Voila! You get a healthy protein treatment at home without wasting hours and hundreds of pennies. 

Being a professional Hair technician I would love to share some fruitful tips for hair care.  I personally, following them and found them good. 
Hair care Tips:
1-       It s highly recommended to do oiling twice in a week.
2-      Best part is applying oil with soft hands, start from roots and then apply on tips and leave it for minimum one hour.
3-      When you apply oil, please don’t I said DON’T message as due to oil, hair roots become soft and when you start doing message its may turned weak and cause for hair fall.
4-      You needs to use a shampoo having pH level lower than 5.
5-      Take a healthy diet
6-      Needs to add fresh fruits and fresh fruits juice
7-      Take a plenty of water daily like religiously
8-      Almonds are best for hair growth – soak 7 almonds in night and eat in the early morning.
9-      Don’t apply any Totka / products in which you are not sure is work great on your skin type.
10-   Life is beautiful don’t waste for “Experiments”

You can get this hair oil from placing order through their face book page "Nature Charms"

Product sent for test & reviews purpose.  I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer J


  1. Great review. Very detailed & perfect. Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Now this seems promising. Gotta try this out. Thanks for the review.

  3. Great review fakhra! Looks like a good option for damaged hair

  4. I'm still struggling with hair lose issue. i will definitely try out these tips.

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  6. Great review fakhra! i will definitely try out these tips.

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