Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Olaplex organized Meet & Greet session with Hair treatment

A few days back, I received an invitation from Pitch Media Inc. to a Bloggers Meet & Greet for international hair salon treatment brand OLAPLEX. I was of course very excited!

I had already read a lot about this brand on the net and noticed that many international celebrities are now talking about OLAPLEX and its amazing results.

I immediately contacted with other Lahori bloggers to get ready for pampering from OLAPLEX :)

I coordinated with the lovely Ambar of PMI, and we all gathered at Ali Teiseen's Salon, Lahore. 

Their hair stylist Mr. Ali Raza explained all about hair texture, popular hair treatments of Pakistan and how other chemical products damage hair such as re-bonding, perm or color treatments.

He explained the treatment through a demonstration.  After watching the results we all get excited and requested that we all would love to try out the treatment too.

I used to experiment a lot with my hair. I have gotten perming, low lights, high lights, ombre, hair chuks, etc. done on my hair. I feel like I badly need this brand in my life.  Ali Raza and his team did a tremendous job. They provided us with the treatment during which Ali was open to answer all our queries/questions.

It’s been more than two weeks and I feel like my hair has gotten life and become stronger. (MaShAllah). I can also consider experimenting with my hair again!

Its highly recommended to get this treatment done from experts at salons, as they know exactly how to use the product.

Bond Multiplier that dramatically eliminates breakage from chemical services and leaves hair feeling amazing! Olaplex does not interfere with color processing. It works independently to reform broken bonds that are not reforming properly with peroxide. It's simple to use and completely safe. New chemistry... New superpowers.

OLAPLEX is a salon service that can be used in multiple ways to protect your hair. One option is to use it as a tool while coloring your hair, especially if going several shades lighter. By mixing OLAPLEX with color, it is ensured that hair damage is dramaticall
y reduced. Another option is to get the standalone treatment by OLAPLEX to strengthen damaged hair or prepare it for future chemical treatments. Either way, OLAPLEX will make certain that you get smoother and stronger hair.

Speaking about why he feels a product like OLAPLEX will be successful in Pakistan, CEO AestheticLife/OLAPLEX Pakistan says, “Olaplex is a game changing product in the hair industry. It has the ability to help stylists achieve results which they previously could not without compromising hair. No matter what brand of products the stylists use, it will compliment their work. However with the general low level of technical knowledge in Pakistan, it will be a challenge yet exciting to see how stylists can make the best use of Olaplex.”

Last not the least, i am thankful to Ms. Fariha and Ms. Amber from M/s. Pitch Media Inc. for arranging such healthy activity and giving us a chance to really learn and enjoy about this revolutionary hair treatment.

Here are some glimps of the event:

The amazing End result 

Pictures credits: 
Pitch Media Inc. 
Sherry Khattak 


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  2. Lovely review and all of you are looking really pretty....love the pix...xoxoxo....:)

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