Monday, 17 August 2015

Atiqa Odho-The Brand - Blushes review

Ms. Atiqa Odho, is very famous celebrity of our Country. After getting fame in TV, Film and beauty industry she took initiate to launch a beauty brand in our country.  She is first celebrity who launched her own makeup line.  Let me tell you that she is qualified makeup and hair artist too and used to do a make up tutorials on our different national channels.

Few years back she is the only lady who again took initiate to provide an open plat form to all male and female and provide them beauty services and transformed them like model.  People got crazy for her that show and start visiting salons regular basis.

There is a big list with her remarkable services related to beauty and social activities, which we will share some other time.

I can confess that my first beauty buy in school life was her Lipstick. :D i remember, i collected my pocket money and bought her lipstick first time and after two weeks, my friend like that lipstick and i gifted her my one and only beauty asset. :)

Today, i am going to review some of her products from her blush on line.  She introduced 10 blushers which contain pinks, corals, nudes & natural.

Blushers range (picture from their page) 

First let talk about the Blusher
(Shades, their tones and its usage )

Robin:  Its a pure cinnamon color (its a blend of coral and brown) best to enhance your cheek bones, forehead and jawline.   Works great for all skin tones.  Its up to you how you apply this as this color is quite bold so i prefer less is more, and yes by the way this is best to sculpt your face. I personally using this to contour my face on lighter tone.

Falcon:  Its a soft brown tone blusher, best to enhance your cheeks and gives edgy touch to your apple of cheeks

Cockatoo:  Its a Natural beige tone blusher, best to blend the contour and blusher part and also gives natural look to your bridge of nose, forehead, jawline and upper lip area.  When you contour your face, this color play a positive role to blend and balanced the contour and blusher both.  Its best for those who dont like Highlighter on their face (like me) best for extreme oily skin, in extreme hot n humid season.

Dove:  Again, nude, natural tone blusher with specks of gold & silver.  This one will work great to illuminate face. YES, its a best face Illuminator. When you done your make up just take a powder brush and apply this all over your face, it works great to give you a light illuminating effect over your face naturally and set the makeup perfectly.

The above i talked about some colors and their work now come to the point. I read many reviews about their blushers.  I personally using their products since last 3 months, and i was curious that either this brand is a big hit or Miss or only people are going to manipulate the product blah blah blah.

The packaging with brush applicator

So, after reading many reviews, critics and hype over this brand and their products i have done some research over them and sharing my PERSONAL experience over here.

Brand color is Metallic RED & Matte Black, which is very eye popping. (to me)  it is quite different from other our local brands. (locally available in all markets) It has two (2) compartment. One side is a clear plastic lid, so that product can be seen, other part is holding a mirror and applicator (brush).

Generally it has been observed only (some) High end brands contain all in one in one blusher, otherwise, mostly brands prefer to just only product (blusher) and if you are a blusher lover (or sucker) you needs to carry a separate blusher brush and mirror too. But in this brand you get all in one in one product.

Applicator / Brush: 
It has a Tinny average blusher applicator ( flat top) Mostly people found this useless. Let me tell u secret of this brush. This brush is best to contour, sculpt or in easy words you can give sketch your contouring part with this brush ;) and its blends easily too. Please us a soft hand while you blending your contouring :)

Product Texture:
These are Powder blusher, all powder based products has some fall out but it doen't means that product is NOT good even i found some silky powdery blusher has a great fall out just because the extra addition of shimmer make them so soft and cause for fall out . Its all in your hands how do u handle the products, use applicator on a lighter hand and you can control all fall out simple.

No one is perfect in this world, nor every single girl is a professional makeup artist. There are thousands or hundred girls who can not distinguished the difference in between applicators, brushes and makeup tools, for them brush means brush, Lipstick means lipsticks they dont know how tints works.  Believe me, if we stop youtube or different international professional blogs  access here in Pakistan, we all become the same except those who are professional qualified in this specific field. Using, different international terminology doesn't mean you are professional, trust me beautiful ladies, i knew some girls, who are perfect in apply foundation, blusher and eye shadows with fingers (powder and liquid) and these girls are under matriculate as well :)

I showed some products to different people (mixed).  Married & single, they love makeup, wants to become beautiful but they are not allowed to go to salon and even dont have much money to high end brands.  They all love this just because they are very much comfortable with a product, having mirror and applicator too. Its handy, easy to carry in bag  & pocket friendly too. They all shout ... Wow amazing...

I exactly remember, when I was learning professional makeup class, i spent a lot of money on buying makeup as i prefer to buy best beauty products for me, my family & my client too. But during my learning days, i found many girls who wants to learn makeup but they can not afford makeup products. Those girls used to buy makeup from "Stalls" for practice.  This brand is allowing all category people to buy and learn make up techniques through a good quality brand.

Its better than those Naked 4 or Naked 5 sort of brands, which is totally a waste of money and seriously dangerous for skin and health too.

I will rate this 4/5, deduct one number as they don't mentioned ingredients and manufacturing & Expiry dates over their product.

Fruit of thoughts:

Atiqa Odho is our own lady, we needs to appreciate her efforts. She targeted all category people. She is now taking more interest in her brand and there is always a room for improvement. Soon we will get more category with high quality in this brand

Beauty is skin deep, these brands War seriously killing our society. We strongly needs to appreciate our own people positively.  

Products sent to me for reviews. I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.
 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer :)


  1. I have used the blush the pigmentation but I found few shades to be a bit chalky. Love their mono blush packing. Love your review.

  2. Her range is quite good and you are right we should encourage our brands and people.

  3. i have neevr tried any product from her range ... will give it a go hopefully soon :)

  4. These blushes look good for it price. Nice review.

  5. Great post dear .. M currently testing them :)

  6. Great review. Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Nice post. All blushes look beautiful. I also use that blusher brush for contouring. Love your thoughts and love that heart who thinks of people rather than brands. Such people are rare.

  8. Those blushers look gorgeous. I have used 4 of these . Two worked well for me whereas two didn't. Nice review :)

  9. I didn't like all of them personally. I love the dove highlighter from the same range.

  10. Robin has a pretty color <3 I hope it applies as good as it appears :)

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    A very nice & detailed review I must say.
    Much love xx

  14. I have swatched Odho cosmetics blushes in the mall and I loved it. Their contouring powders are also great :)

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    Momina xx
    ๑ Divine Smudge ๑

  16. I also believe in appreciating local brands as much as possible,these blushes looks so pretty and these are my favorite blush colors,thanks for sharing your honest views on the brand and I hate how these naked 4,5,whatever are fooling pakistani girls into buying substandard makeup.

  17. This brand has never impressed me. The quality is not as good as compared to other local brands like luscious cosmetics. Thanks for sharing :)

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  20. I love your signature informative and thought provoking..goes way beyond just swatches and reviews :* I agree on every single point. I do want to try out a colour from this range now :) -Sadaf

  21. Fakhraa i loved the way you introduced this local brand ♥♥ i love odho cosmetics. This is one of your best blog so far ♥♥ loads of love