Monday, 29 December 2014

Festivities: Your Gift Shopping Guide this Wedding Season!

Guest Post by Ambar Ahmed

You know what the best part about December is? Besides giving us a chance to look chic in our winter wardrobe, it is also the wedding season of the year. We all have at least one wedding of either our BFF or a family member which we have been looking forward to all year, and in Pakistan, weddings are definitely a lavish affair. Perhaps the only one part which we find bothersome about weddings is finding the perfect gift for the couple. Let's face it – times are changing and it is quite difficult heading out and searching for a gift which will not only make the newlyweds feel special but also fit our budget. To make our lives easier, the blessing of online shopping was bestowed upon us and what place can be better for online shopping than, the country's leading online shopping portal? If you are still deciding what to gift your loved ones, we have rounded up some of the best options for you to choose from:

Jewelry: There is no girl who will NOT appreciate a statement-making item of jewelry. Browse through Daraz's Designer Jewelry section to find a piece that goes with the bride's personality, and you would have gotten her something to cherish for a long time. Our picks:

Watch: No matter how tech-savy we may become, a watch is a timeless item which is irreplaceable. It also makes a befitting wedding gift for the bride and groom both. Daraz has an extensive collection of authentic designer watches by brands such as Guess, Rado and Micheal Kors and the best part is that some watches are up on sale with discounts up to 50%! Who knows, you might just end up flaunting a new watch to the wedding yourself (wink, wink). Our picks:

Perfume: Florals, musks, fusions...nothing is quite luxurious like fragrances are. Perfumes are an ideal gift to make someone feel pampered and always a safe bet as no one can have enough of them. You can gift the couple their signature scents, or if you feel you know them well you can pick out one yourself. Our picks:

Bath & Body Care: Simply because every girl should always look and feel their best, a gift basket of some body care products is a perfect gift for the glowing new bride. Our picks:

Cuff Links: Cufflinks stand out even when you try to hide them. A pair of cuff links can really tie your look together, which makes it an essential piece for every man's wardrobe and certainly a suitable gift. However, this is not the gift to buy if you are trying to stay within a budget as cuff links should always be an investment piece. Our picks:


  1. Nice picks :) Love that chanel perfume ^_^

  2. You've put together a nice gift guide! :) Love the festivities right now! xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

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  4. You have put together a great guide *thumbs up *

  5. its a list of great picks. I posted a wishlist from Daraz as well. Do check my post.

  6. Great suggestions! Daraz really has some amazing things in store. xx

  7. Nice post :)
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