Sunday, 19 October 2014

Lock&Lock Pakistan: Live Healthy, Eat Healthy

[Pakistan, 16th October, 2014]: Lock&Lock Pakistan, global leaders of premium quality airtight storage containers, recently took the initiative of organizing an activity in Lahore to promote healthy eating and living in Pakistan. An evening of healthy bites and beverages, mingling and light hearted conversations was enjoyed by women of all walks of life. Health experts Dr. Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur, Dr. Farzeen Malik and Dr. Komal Riaz  Sheikh provided tips and information regarding how to live a better, healthier lifestyle overall.

Dr. Zarqa and Ms. Fariha (CEO Pitch Media Inc.)

Dr. Zarqa Suharwardy Taimur, one of the leading dermatologists in Pakistan, spoke about how a healthy diet plays a vital part in achieving glowing skin. She also spoke about the latest obsession in our country with skin whitening and how girls use overnight creams which are made of steroids and mercury. These creams have numerous side effects which are very expensive to cure. The best way to make your skin glow is incorporate a lot of water, fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Dr. Farzeen Malik, an eminent dietitian of Pakistan, gave a presentation on how a balanced diet helps prevent obesity and spoke about the health risks associated with obesity. She informed that it is much better to change your lifestyle through a balanced diet, instead of trying shortcuts which rarely work and don’t help achieve long term results.

Dr. Komal Riaz Sheikh, a clinical psychologist, spoke about different kinds of stress eating disorders and what can be done to avoid them. Since food is used as the most popular stress reliever, it is important to find other ways to de-stress. She also said that it is important to be comfortable in your own skin first, and avoid comparisons with celebrities’ figures as the goal should be to build a healthy lifestyle.

After each presentation the floor was opened to questions and answers. Demonstrations by yoga expert Aniee Jawad, and self-defense expert Mirza Muhammad Arslan were also shown.

Some of the attendees included journalists Rubia Moghees, Maisoon Zamir, Marian Sharaf Joseph, Mehek Raza Rizvi, Amad Karim, RJ Shahpara Salim, as well as Sambreen Rashed(Shell Pakistan), blogger Fakhra Rafique Khan, socialite Huda Alauddin, designer& CEO GrandeurSaima Abaidullah and Areej Tahir (Tetra Pak). As one of the attendees who felt she learnt a wealth of information from the activity, Sambreen said “I think it is important for more companies such as Lock&Lock Pakistan to take such initiatives to inform the public regarding the importance of health and diet and how the two are so specifically linked to each other. I absolutely loved being a part of the event and left feeling determined to turn my life around and make it more healthy overall”.

The activity perfectly reflected the values that Lock&Lock follows internationally. The principle on which Lock&Lock was founded centers on placing value in preserving the environment. Lock&Lock products are made using the finest quality material to ensure customers get food in its best form even after being stored for a while, which has led to the brand gaining the loyalty of their customers worldwide.


The activity was organized at The Urban Cafe, Yoglicious. The Public Relations was taken care of by Pitch Media Inc. and the official radio partner was Radio 1 FM 91.


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