Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Funky, Fanty of " The House of Kamiar Rokni" by Luscious

Does a Nail paint can change your Mood????
Yes, Truly and amazingly it CAN :), its up to you how you play with it...

Here we go, few days back i was sick, having flue, fever blah blah blah, due to these seasonal attacks my mood was quite OFF... suddenly an Idea came in my mind and i just picked a beautiful nail paint color and start playing with it.  Its none other than the Fantastic, fabulous  fanty "The House of Kamiar Rokni" introduced by very famous brand "Luscious Cosmetics's new Range Luscious Love FASHION which they launched in the start of this year.  You can get idea from their complete range from here.

So finally, i got the chance to play their one of yummy color.  This color is exactly a PERFECT Summer color, and Yes, best for college girls :) If you guys are looking a perfect funky, fanty, orangish and super glossy color, than just picked this color for your lovely nails. <3

I just randomly picked some raw/leftover material from  house and create this Nail art :P.  

When i opened it, i feel oh its too bright and wont suits on my nails as i have medium skin tone, i feel that such colors only made for beautiful fair hands na, than i feel lets try this if this will not suits on my nails/hands i will remove it immediately, but but but wait it suits on my nails or hands even change my little confusion that i can also apply such funky colors on my nails :D

As i told you its a Funky Orange color, the texture is thick but let me tell you one thing that these funky colors always needs two or three application to pop up the exact color on nails.  Its stay on my nails for a week :) as fresh as i applied on day first.

Its easily available on all leading stores at Rs. 295 or you can also buy this on their website at I Love Luscious.

Hope you like it, do share your experience :)

Keep Smiling :D

Life is beautiful, live it with full of passion J

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  1. I have this color and I am obsessed with it! :D Lovely nail art Fakhra!

  2. Wow! Your nails look so pretty especially the ring finger. x

  3. Very creative fakhra. Looks nice. Hope you're feeling better now.

  4. hello u didn't reply my coment on oriflam

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  6. Your nails look so pretty :)
    Lovely shade :)


  7. Thank you so much All <3<3<3


  8. shade is no doubt really pretty, i love your nail art look so cute

  9. OMG this is such a gorgeous shade! Looks lovely on your nails. xx