Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Complete Look Book Giveaway - International (CLOSED)

Hi Lillies,

Today, I me starting another International Giveaway, Its Clairs's Cosmetics' complete look book which contains almost all things in one booklet shape.  This is an amazing booklet. i am loving this alot as i dont need to keep many things in my bag, just this one is enough to complete my makeup needs. :)

Rules and Regulation:
Must Entries:

1- Follow my Blog .  Fakhra Rafique Blog
2- Follow my Face book Fan Page:  Fakhra Rafique Blog
3- Follow me on Twitter:  @Fakhra07
4- Put your Facebook Status:  "I want to win Giveaway at @Fakhra Rafique Blog." (kindly Tag my blog name so that i can see your entry clearly)
5- Tweet about my This giveaway "I want to win Giveaway at @Fakhra07 and give  this link

Additional Entries:
6-  Blog Post
7-  Blog Side Bar
8- If you do not have blog do refer your friend to follow my blog (minimum 5 references) and they need to mention your name as well.

Code of Conduct:
You guys are very valuable and respectable for me, so i dont expect Cheating sort of thing from your side, If you win, you need to show me your ID reference for clear identification. :)

Special Note:
This Giveaway is Not sponsored, i buy this product by my self and bare courier charges as well :) but i am not responsible for any damages etc. :(

Starting Date 12 June 2012 - It will End on 12 July 2012

For question or queries pls drop a mail to me on following email ID :  fakhrarafique@gmail.com

Good Luck to all

Love you <3



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  15. Ah, it is super cute. Good luck to everyone who entered. I'm having a $100 Shopbop giveaway on my blog right now, and it is open internationally! Feel free to enter.


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