Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Garnier launches an exciting hair care innovation: Color Naturals Intensity

Garnier launches an exciting hair care innovation: Color Naturals Intensity

[Pakistan, 07 May 2012] Leading hair and skin care brand Garnier, extends its technical expertise in the sphere of hair color by introducing a brand new line, Garnier Color Naturals Intensity. In keeping with the brand ethos of taking care of the Pakistani women, Garnier Color Naturals Intensity provides the benefits of rich, shiny and long lasting color. Enriched with an intense formula, inherited by the salon division of L’Oréal Lebanon, Garnier Color Naturals Intensity ensures 100 % grey coverage. The creamy formula with its intense results addresses the dilemma posed to women by the need to recolor hair frequently.

Hair Color Range by Garnier has always been in keeping with the needs of the Pakistani women. Especially suited for Asian Skin tones, the range of hair color by Color Naturals Intensity offers shades of brown including; Black (1), Dark Brown (3), Brown (4), Light Brown (5) and Light Golden Brown (5.3). This intense color and deep coverage comes in an attractive pack, with easy Do-it-Yourself directions to aid effective hair color application at home.

Speaking about the launch of Garnier Color Naturals Intensity, General Manager - Consumer Product Division of L’Oréal Pakistan [parent company of Garnier], Moazzam Ali Khan has said, “As a brand, Garnier believes in taking care. We understand that many Pakistani women need a long lasting solution to grey hair since repeated coloring is time consuming, inconvenient and not cost effective either. In this regard, we are pleased to introduce Garnier Color Naturals Intensity, an intense formula which ensures deep coloring and keeps grey strands at bay for longer. Indeed, with this product extension from Garnier Color Naturals, we take care of the Pakistani woman’s hair, time and budget.”

Garnier Color Naturals Intensity comes in a compact, attractive pack and is affordably priced at PKR 249/-. Suitable for the Pakistani women from all walks of life, be they housewives or working women, Garnier Color Naturals Intensity is now available at stores across the country.
It’s all about taking care.

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