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A Brand - Color Studio Professional

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How are u beautiful? J my life is quite busy, as I am very much busy in searching different colors of fashion and of life as well ;-) , so most of the time either I am in market to explore something different or new or play with different colors  for creating some different looks or  makeovers J

Two days back I just visited Hyperstar shopping mall, it just 10 minutes drives from my house, so whenever we need anything we just take a jump to enter in this big shopping mall without any hesitation as we can get anything from here.

I saw a complete stall of none other than “Color Studio” they just opened it and now in a process to renovate their whole store in a better way. I met there with Ms. Nadia Umar, she is such a humble and lovely lady who helped me out a lot to get information about their Brand.  When I was talking with her I though why don’t I have to do a research on this brand, it’s been ages I have never share such information on my blog.  So here are some information about this colorful brand. so here is a virtual visit of this brand. 

Color Studio
High Performance Make up

Color Studio Professional is a premier cosmetics brand which features a wide range of cosmetics including lipsticks, lip liners, foundations and nail colors.

The brand launched in Toronto, Canada in August 2010 and was exclusively available to makeup artists and salons and since 2010 has grown into a global cosmetics brand selling through makeup artists, salons and retailers around the world.

Designed for Make Up Artists and Make up Addicts, Color Studio Professional products are designed to be a “Feel Good Skin Products”. Infused with Vitamins and created with patented ingredients and the backing of hundreds of years of Cosmetic Research and Development the brand symbolizes High Performance Make up at a great value for consumers. With our leading Research and Development partners in North America and Europe each Color Studio Professional product is designed using innovative skin friendly ingredients that protect and nourish the skin. 

The Color Studio Professional product range is created with the Make Up Professional and Make Up lover in mind, each product is developed keeping in mind the needs of the Photo Shoot. Our innovative foundation provides effective Sun Protection from UVA and UVB rays as well as protects the face from photo aging, the perfect product for the face. Our Pro Nail Lacquer is created to be chip resistant and long lasting; depending on the color it takes one to two coats in application and lasts you for days.

The Color Studio Professional exclusively showcases its new products through fashion shows and provides custom products for fashion designers and fashion shows every season. Color Studio Professional products are sold through salons and by independent Make Up Artists

The products are also available for sale in North America and Europe through the Color Studio Professional retail store as well as company owned retail outlets and cosmetic retail chains around the world.


Product Line:

  • Pro Nail Color
  • Crackle
  • Color Rush Lipstick
  • Pro Blush
  • Eye Ink
  • Knock out Market
  • Lip Pencil
  • Eye liner
  • Foundation
  • Make up Case
  • Lip Glaze

Details of the Products:

  • Pro Nail Color
(Available in 28 Bold Glamorous & Funky Shades)
(French Manicure kit = 03 Soft pastel shades)
(Nail Care:  Super Top Coat & Super Base Coat)
    • For an immaculate nail finish
    • Chip resistance and lasts up to 7 days
    • Free from harmful chemicals such as toluene and formaldehyde to provide maximum safety
    • Health tip:  leave your nails for a few ours nail polish free before applying nail colors.
    • For maximum impact use super Top Cat
    • Use Super Base Coat to protect and nourish your nail

  • Crackle
(Available in 2 Shades:  Black & White)
    • Single application creates drama
    • Be your own artist and trend setter
    • Directions:  Apply a single coat over dried out nails; finish it with Super Top Coat for a fabulous crackle effect

  • Color Rush Lipstick
(Available in 18 Bold Glamorous Shades)

    • Instant color release creamy texture
    • Glides easily for smooth and easy application
    • Hydrating effect
    • 18 bold glamorous shades
    • Enriched with vitamins and essential oils to protect and nourish your lips
    • Long lasting

  • Pro Blush
(Available in 5 different Shades)

    • Easy to blend
    • Long lasting Effects
    • For contouring
    • Light weight application
    • Designed for professional use

  • Eye Ink
(Available in 09 Bold Glamorous Shades)

    • Easy to apply with hand or with eye shadow brush
    • Blends well, and perfect for any kind of skin tone
    • Designed specially to meet the challenging needs of makeup addicts and makeup artists worldwide
    • The color Rush Eye shadow is recommended to be used with the Soft Kohl Kajal Eyeliners to create a vast array of looks only limited by the artist’s creativity

  • Knock out Marker
(Available in Black only)

    • Easy and simple application
    • Intense carbon black color
    • Specially designed applicator tip provides optimal control and precision
    • Long lasting wear

  • Lip Pencil
(Available in 11 Beautiful colors)

    • Creamy texture and moisturizing formulation that defines and moisturizes the lips
    • Long wear lasts upto 6 hours when used with the Color Rush Lipstick
    • We recommend using the lip liners with the same shade or shade darker from the color rush lipstick collection

  • Eye liner
(Available in 08 Bold Funky colors)

    • Easy to blend because of creamy texture, designed specially for pro eye makeup
    • Special ingredients deliver long wear
    • Skin friendly, does not irritate the eyes
    • Smudge Resistant
    • Provide intensive dramatic look (Smoky eyes and other creative looks are easy to do with our soft kohl Kajal Eye Pencils)

  • Pro Luminous Foundation
(Available in 04 shades)

    • Special formulate for Asian Skin Tone.
    • Light weight, long wearing
    • Medium to full coverage
    • Added UVA, UVB and SPF 15 – safe from sun damages
    • Best for Day time and night time
    • Flawless finish
    • Minimize the dark spots

  • Make up Case

    • Co created by make artists and addicts to cater to their needs
    • Perfect for back stage works
    • Easy to carry specially on the o
    • Highest safety standard for heat sensitive products offers absolute guarantee to protect your cosmetics from heat and contamination

  • Lip Glaze (Currently out of Stock)
    • For refreshing and sensational impact
    • Hyper shine that last up to two hours
    • On sticky formula
    • BHT & Lanolin free for healthy glossy lips
    • Available in sleek packaging and compact size
    • Perfect for on the go usage

In leading Outlets Nationwide
Major Cities:  (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad)


  • Angies
  • Alle’nora
  • Blush
  • Bina Khan
  • Blue Rain
  • Ellemint
  • Mahrose
  • Nina Lotia
  • Pivot point
  • Peng
  • Sab’s

I personally feel that the web site is not giving the exact color ideas, its better to check their Face book fan page for colors ideas and different products promotions.

 They are rapidly growing and popular due to their funky, nail colors.

I hope it may help you a lot to know about this brand and their luxury color theory for completing the fashion crave.

If you tried their any product, do share your experience. J

Love you


Life is beautiful, live it full of Passion J


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