Friday, 18 November 2011

Paint Fever-14 Karats of Claires Cosmetics

Hope life is going good at your end, today I am here to share something different other than my vanity routine... yea its Nail Paint - actually I am not into nail paint, as I always feel hesitation to apply or remove nail paint on ma nails I feel it’s a most toughest job to remove nail paint in beauty industry :O I know I am wrong but I never ever feel comfortable with this (must say sorry to nail paint lover).

My sister gifted us a lot of nail polishes, and I always avoid to apply these goodies.  Last weekend I saw those beauties on my dressing table, so I though why don’t I try some of these colors, lets see how it

Today I am sharing one very lovely color with you, it’s none other than Claire’s 14 Karats - it’s a dull gold matt finish color, which gives you a very unique beauty to your nails honestly. The polish texture is very creamy, and I applied only one single coat on my nails and it gives a full complete coverage. Yes it dry quickly and amazing thing is it removes easily and quickly without any hassle. J

You can buy this on their any stor or can buy online from their website from here

Hope you like it, do comments.

Love you all