Monday, 21 November 2011

New Addition Pink Bag

Dear Lillies,

Hope you guys had fantastic weekend. I visited few markets last week and buy some stuff, so right now i am sharing only one bag with you further goodies will share with you soon.

Here are details about this bag:

Colors Avaialble:  White and Pale Pink ( i selected PP)
Where to buy     :  Siddique Trade Center, Lahore,
Type / Stuff        : Shoulder Bag / Soft Leather        
Shape                :  Little bit U shape
Price                 :   Offer Rs. 1000/- Paid Rs. 700/- only :D

Check out how much capacious is this bag :)

Hope you like it, do comment

Love you all



  1. this is such a cute bag! Lovely color

  2. This pink is such a lovely shade. It is kind of like a dusty rose.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. Lovely new purchase hun!;)
    Jelena (
    One more day until the end of jewelry giveaway!!

  4. woww this bag looks like a good quality i did'n know sadique center have so many cheap products i will visit soon :P

  5. Thank you lovely darlings..

    @Sadee: Yea, some time you got such products randoomly..