Monday, 14 November 2011

Learn, to Live, & Share - Best Activity done in September

Dear Lilies,

How are you how is life treating you, today I am here something very special and by the way it is not related to beauty J . 
I always try to keep busy myself, always be active and motivated in different activities, projects and whatever is happening in surrondings.  I try to become the part of those activities, so that I can learn the things and share those learning / fruit of thoughts with others.  Now this “learn, to live, & share” become my Life. J
I used to work on different projects other than beauty so I feel I need to share it with you; may be it help you out to see the life in different ways as well.
In August 2011 I read a blog post from some Pakistani blogger Ms. Sidhra, "Beauteous Blog". she just shared something about The Citizen Foundation”.  I just enter on their web site and read about their projects.  They work for literacy in rural areas you can read about them here.  I just contacted in their Lahore Office, Ms. Tuba, coordinating their Lahore region.  She told me that right now they are planning to start a new project about “Career Counseling” for this purpose they need some volunteer professional to counsel their newly 10grade passed Students.  Most of the students are belongs to village and looking their agriculture lands and these are only member from their families who passed such grades from the school and they don’t have any idea what professional life is and how many professional fields they can select for their future.   They are just very much excited that they are toppers and they only want to become doctor or teacher only.  J  we need to give them the clear picture of this world. Like how many professional choices they have. For adopting any professional what type of special qualification required, the duration of the study period and fees charges ect. Ect.
Before conducting that session they organize a pre session meeting for counselor, in which they guide us how we can counsel the students.  Of course, we have some limitation, i.e. we are Not allowed to force to join any other profession, as we keep respect their already selected profession which they want to select for their future but besides this we need to tell them all the facts and figure for selecting such profession.
We are total almost 15 males for boys section and 13 females for girls section.  All counselors are professional and belong to different profession (Teacher, Human Resource, Administration, doctor, corporate departments, Customer services etc.)
I counseled 9 girls, and amazed all are toppers, they all want to become doctor or either teacher nothing else (as these all girls belongs to village life) they don’t have any idea other than these two professions.  So we had a complete list about all colleges, Universities, their fees structures, total number of years for completion the degree and market trends of those professions.
Amazing thing is that every girl is expert how to play with screw drivers, how to change the bulb, how to change the switch of iron and other little tinny electronic things but they don’t have any idea about engineering…  :O
All girls are very excellent painter, uffff I just shocked to see their master pieces, they are fine arts lover but even don’t know that they can also adopt this as a profession too J
May be this is the main reason, TCF organize such activity to realize them, that they have much more options other than becoming a doctor or teacher.
Over all I enjoyed a lot during that session, I done this session on 16-17 September 2011 so I must say it was the BEST ACTIVITY I had done in September 2011. Yes one more thing I actually learned a lot also from those girls as well. J

I took these pictures on 16th Sep 2011 Pres session - due to privacy issue i am not sharing the girls picture here.

Yes, This is me :P

This motivates me to join their “Rahber program” as well, and it’s a highly motivated program on this earth, really. We had done 3 sessions till now so next time will share this program with you soon.
The Credit goes to Ms. Sidrah definitely J love you darling for sharing such life seeking thing. J

Love you all


Life is beautiful, live it with full of passion J

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  1. Here we go with the real art and the beautiful person thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us and i ll visit here again with my friends as well.