Thursday, 10 November 2011

Avon Care Rich Moisture Family Cream

Hi Lilies,

So how was your holidays, and hope all Muslims celebrated this Eid full of colors and must have fun with their families. :)

Winter in calling us now through their beautiful cool breeze so i think everybody is ready to say "Hi Lovely winter" , I personally love winter :) because in my opinion winter is the season of Bright and bold colors, ready for woolen stuff, hot coffee, nuts blah blah blah... well i have thousands reason to love this season except (cough and cold lolz)

I recently collected my winter stuff lotions and creams and right now i am sharing my experience with you none other than the lovely "Avon Care""Rich Moisture Family Cream".

What they are claiming about their cream
"Provides top to toe moisturisation for all the family. Face and body cream which helps to keep skin conditioned and hydrated."

My Experience:
Its a huge Jar 400ml cream jar i think its more than enough for a whole family in whole season if all uses this cream on daily basis.. really.  Cream is in pure white, texture is so rich and smell is like oh Gosh ( little bit Jasmine Flower). you just need a little amount and apply it wherever you want, its absorbs very quickly and after applying this your skin become very soft and smooth. Its not greasy or sticky, just give you a very light effect on your skin. I am using this cream on my hand, foot, arms and even on my face as well. i normally use this cream before going to bed or after taking shower.

Check out the texture of Cream

Just need little amount

Exactly after 1 minute all cream absorbs

I do recommend this cream to those who has very dry skin. Definitely buy this again.

You can buy this cream on their web site and get update information on their Facebook fan page. 

In Pakistan you can buy this cream from Ms. Tasneem Avon Page "The Company for Women" She created this page on facebook.

Hope it help you out to get rid of your patchy and dry skin.

Love you all



  1. I like Avon creams. This one sounds good to too. I will surely check out the facebook page. Thanks for sharing the link.

  2. This is helpful. I need some creams and lotions too. I like that huge jar :) Thanks for sharing :)

  3. it does seem like a great cream for dry skin. love the texture.

  4. Avon has good things, and reasonable prices. I was working for them and I'm still taking some pretty stuff!:)
    Jelena (