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L’Oréal Paris introduces their latest Skin Care innovation Globally

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Today, i am sharing with you a another Brand; its none otherthan the L'Oreal Paris.

Mission Statement:


For more than a century L’Oréal has been pushing back the boundaries of science to invent beauty and meet the aspirations of millions of women and men. Its vocation is universal: to offer everyone, all over the world, the best of cosmetics in terms of quality, efficacy and safety, to give everyone access to beauty by offering products in harmony with their needs, culture and expectations.

With the opening up of the emerging markets, L’Oréal’s mission is broadening in response to the vast diversity of populations. The whole company is focused on this new horizon: teams enriched by their cultural diversity, a portfolio of international brands present in the different distribution channels, and research that is capable of grasping the world’s complexity. The exploration of new scientific and technological territories is being enriched by this global dimension. Knowledge of different cultures and rituals worldwide enables the laboratories to anticipate and invent the products of the future.

L’Oréal is committed to carrying out its mission to make beauty universal in a sustainable and responsible way. A highly exacting challenge, which the group is taking up step by step, in a long-term perspective, with the active involvement of all its employees. Ranked amongst the 100 most sustainable and ethical companies in the world, L’Oréal’s ambition is to be an exemplary corporate citizen. To help make the world a more beautiful place.

Recently L'Oreal Paris introduces their latest Skin Care innovation the "New Revitalift with Stimulift – stimulates skin’s 8 natural lifters." 

Lets see what L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassadors speaks about this product.

Hollywood Actress & L’Oréal Paris Brand Ambassador "Ms. Rachel Weisz" says:

How do I stay feeling young? By stimulating my body… my mind… my curiosity…And when it comes to my skin, I’ve got it covered with Revitalift with Stimulift formula!”

L’Oréal Pakistan Spokesperson "Ms. Aamina Sheikh" quote that :

“Skin looks 5 years younger in just 4 weeks”

Lets read about what L’Oréal Paris is claiming about this brand in this Press Release.

The Revitalift Stimulift Issue - 2011

L’Oréal Paris introduces their latest Skin Care innovation

New Revitalift with Stimulift – stimulates skin’s 8 natural lifters

(Karachi, 03 August 2011) Revitalift, the World’s No 1 Anti-Wrinkle cream[i] has launched it’s new innovation with Stimulift technology. Thanks to their technical expertise and knowledge of advanced biology, L’Oréal Paris laboratories have developed a unique formula which can now target skin’s 8 natural lifters essential to youthful skin.

With age, our skin’s 8 natural lifters are altered. They can undergo quantitative and qualitative modifications that lead to tissue disorganization and a loss of biomechanical properties (elasticity, tone). Consequently, surface wrinkles become more noticeable and the skin loses firmness. L’Oréal believes that youthful beauty is found by stimulating one’s mind, body and curiosity and is not confined to women of a specific age. With this in mind, the team at L’Oréal Paris worked assiduously to develop a high end product catering to women and their anti-aging skin care needs. The New Revitalift formula works to take action on three major functions — re-tightening, re-pulping and stabilizing — key to stimulating the skin’s “self-lifting” capacity. Firmer and less wrinkled, the skin itself naturally participates in the process!

L’Oréal Revitalift, the latest in a line of expert beauty products produced by the company, targets the skin’s 8 natural lifters stimulating a natural skin lifting effect for in-depth action on signs of aging. Located in the dermal-epidermal junction and the outermost layer of the dermis, the 8 natural lifters play both a biological and structural role: They work by creating a horizontal and vertical network to re-tighten the skin and re-pulp from within, which helps strengthen tone and cohesion. These lifters can be grouped according to three main functions:

o     Natural Tension [to naturally tighten the skin]
§      Collagen I – Tone
§      Collagen III – Tone
§      Collagen IV – A mechanical stabilizer
§      Elastin – Elasticity
§      Fibrillin – Elasticity

o     Natural Plumpers [to expand the dermis]
§      Chondroitine S. – a biological re-pulper

o     Skin Vitalizers
§      Perlecan - a structural stabilizer
§      Integrin - fixatives and communicators

“Revitalift has Pro-Retinol A which helps deliver Vitamin A to skin cells, revitalizing cell metabolism to create a healthy, youthful glow ” – Dr. Khilji, L’Oréal Paris Skin Expert

With Revitalift's new anti-wrinkle + firmness formula [Stimulift + Pro Retinol A] the cream can now take action on all areas where wrinkle formation and loss of firmness originate: the epidermis, the outer layer of the dermis, and, in an unprecedented advance, the dermal-epidermal junction. This junction not only serves as the biological “glue” between the dermis and the epidermis by stabilizing and anchoring the two layers, it also serves as a space for biological communications within the skin.

Speaking about the launch of New Revitalift Stimulift Cream, Marketing Manager for L’Oréal Paris in Pakistan Zainab Pasha has said, Every woman wants to look good and forever young. With Revitalift Stimulift, the worldwide leader of anti-wrinkle formulae reaches new height of efficacy - you rejuvenate from inside out naturally. Your skin becomes part of the self-lifting process and you look younger and revitalized.”

Creamy and full, the new Revitalift Natural Lifters texture envelops the skin with firmness and generosity. Rich and suave, it leaves a sensation of freshness and comfort. Non-greasy and non-sticky, the texture melts onto the skin as soon as it is applied, and the gentle fragrance creates a feeling of well-being. In just 4 weeks, wrinkles are visibly reduced, skin becomes firmer and the face looks four to five years younger.

The L’Oréal Paris New Revitalift Stimulift Cream is appropriate and advisable for women aged 28 and above and is ideally used daily on a cleansed face. Priced at PKR 1,250, the New Revitalift is now available at all L’Oréal Paris counters across the country.

For more information about the L’Oréal Paris in Pakistan, visit our official facebook fanpage:

[i] Revitalift, the World’s No 1 Anti-Wrinkle Cream as per survery done using Nielsen, IRI and SRI databases. [official letter can be presented upon request]

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