Friday, 11 November 2016

Gems of Pakistan - Ms. Mehwesh Faisal, An entrepreneur and a Breast Cancer Warrior

Here I am again with another episode of Gems of Pakistan.  I and Mehwesh met 2 years back at Sahir Lodhi’s Project (which is closed now, unfortunately) but at that project I found some really good and loving people. Mehwesh is running her own salon in Gulberg, Lahore with the name of Mehwesh & Rahila (both are real good friends also)

When I visited her few months back, I have come to know that she is a true Breast CANCER Fighter…. Oh ma God.   I immediately plan to do a special interview with her for my blog. As I found her very strong, composed, energetic and full of passion lady.  Let me sum-up, beauty with brain, a true fighter and have passion to add values being a female in society.

I have conducted this interview with her just because to give some awarance about Breast Cancer patient, sharing her experience, views, problems she faced, treatments and cure.

Here is my some chit chat with Her J

Full name 
Ms. Mehwesh Faisal

An entrepreneur/Certified Professional Makeup Artist.  

 Family, (Life as a daughter, Wife, Mother & working lady)
My life is quite happening, I have my salon and then home, though it gets exhausting by the end of the day, I still love every bit of it.

Life as a Cancer fighter:  
Cancer has brought many positive changes in my life.  I have started being happier and feel much stronger.  I cherish even the smallest of joys now because I have seen the worst of all. I have stopped letting depression conquer my brain, as now I have come to know the true value of life and its certainly not worthy of wasting it in depression, anxiety or stress.
When I first went to Shaukat Khanum, I was not scared I had my hair open and was free of all worries of being into any trail as I thought it was just a regular lump nothing serious! But when my doctor diagnosed that its Cancer I  got pale like a leaf, could see death hanging before me.  Looked at my husband who was also shocked. My doctor explained everything and directed me with the best of treatments. I went home with a confidence that I would kill this disease with my will power and I did.

Went through 2 back to back surgeries; followed by chemotherapy sessions and ended at radiation therapy. I cried when I lost my long beautiful hair which everyone used to praise, my body was like an ugly balloon, my nails became black, my eyes lost their vision 60% with no eyelashes and eyebrows! I was sleepless, restless and felt a fire burning inside my body because of heavy medicines.   I lost my smile and words.  I used to look out my room window and remember the times when I was happy and radiant! I lost my patience during many times but with the support of my family.  I am thankful to my loving husband and dearest friends, who prayed for me, bucked me up, and were patience with me despite of my awful mood swings critical conditions.  They acted as a major confidence booster and I always regained my strength.    But it was all worth when you get a life out of this suffering. I remember my last treatment day at SKM.  I held my head, straightened my shoulders and walked past its corridors like a warrior.

At the end of the day the good news is that the worst condition I went through was temporary and I got a beautiful healthy and happy life ahead,  Alhamdullilah. 

People say different things about cancer but I am telling you its curable.  Its not a death slogan anymore. We should all be very cautious about health and get our tests done at least once in a year as our loved ones need us and we need to live too :)


Being a social person you Like/dislike in people:
People who spread positive vibes attract me, suffering cancer has made me realize that the world is filled with people with negative thinking and there are very few who stand up against the hurdles put in way by life.

What you likes the most in makeup? Any specific product/brand?
My life revolves around makeup.  It enhances your features and makes you confident. However I don’t advise on caking your face with it, keep it real girls!
As far as my favourite brand is concerned I choose Mac and Kryolan over every other brand.

Share with us your 5 must have beauty products (with brand)
My top 5 most loved, always in bag, products are;
1. Eveline white Prestige 4D BB cream (just a few drops will do wonders)
2. Essence apple cheeks powder
3. Maybelline colossal kajal 
4. Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara (apply thickly from roots and see how the magic begins ;)
5. Clinique chubby stick baby tint for the fullness of lips.

Are you a shopaholic? 
Shopping in undoubtedly the best therapy, but its exhausting and tiring for me which outweighs its advantages. I just shop when I desperately need something. Yeah I m breaking the stereotypes! :)

Favorite fashion/Attire:
I don’t have any favorite attire or fashion.  If you know how to carry it, its made for you. Simplicity is the word best suitable for me.

Worst fashion:
I personally dislike women wearing revealing clothes, I believe the more modest your outwear is, the more respect you will gain both in the world and hereafter.

Food preferences:
Low fat Low calorie diet is my preference, although if my dietitian allows I would die eating cheese steak and cheese cake

Music preferences/Favorite singer
Ghazals, qawalis are my soul mates. My most wanted singers are Mehdi Hassan, Farida Bano, Atta ullah Eisa, Jagjit singh and Atif Aslam.

Beautician Mussarat Misbah is my teacher and inspiration. 

Strength /Weakness
My husband is my greatest strength, because of him I have fought with every battle strongly and my kids are my weakness, they represent me and a part of my being.

Biggest achievement:
My biggest achievement is the strength, love, respect and patience I gained after fighting cancer

Biggest failure/reason / what’s you learn from that.
There’s always another side of the picture, despite of being the fighter, a survivor, and a makeup artist who’s always on toes working and smiling.  The energy and health that I have lost is my biggest failure.  Every day for me is a continuous fight with the weakness and low energy. So ladies please look after yourselves, have regular medical checkups, visit beauty salons and feel beautiful, cherish this time.  Health is truly the wealth!

I am nothing without_______________________ (Complete the sentence)
First and foremost Allah, followed by my family and parents

Sharing is Caring:
Sharing is Sunnah and sharing smile, giving hand to the needy and loving them are the best feelings

Special Tip to become a successful human/professional.
Believe in yourself and if you fail, don’t give up, keep trying you will succeed one day!

Piece of advise:
Have faith in Allah Almighty and trust your abilities.  Laugh a lot and spend time with your family as much as possible. 

She is truly an inspiration for all females who think that life never gives them anything.  She diagnosed Cancer in 2010.

Mehwesh, herself playing a very positive role in our society.  She has the ability to balance out life as a loving daughter, wife, caring mother and an inspirational business lady.

She is such a beautiful soul, with full of energy to fight with all odds and has passion to move on. I truly love her with my core of heart and have a lot of respect for her health, life and passion J

Lots of love and prayers for Mehwesh. Stay blessed my love 


  1. That's truly an inspiring story... May Allah always bless her with good health and happiness

  2. She truly is an inspiration for many. May Allah bless her. Thanks for sharing her story

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  5. Cancer has taken so many of our friends and family away from us. I hope to God that doctors can make a breakthrough in medical science and find a proper cure for this disease.

  6. She was a real inspiration, a great mother, a faithful wife and a good loving person. Sadly, she encountered again with this disease for the second time which was diagnosed at very advanced stage.. despite fighting bravely with high determinations she couldn't make it and went back to her creator. Just four months ago her husband passed away due to massive heart attack.. it's a request to all to please keep them in prayers for maghfrit and pray for three young innocent kids she left. May Allah gives eternal peace to her and her spouse.