Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Atiqa Ohdo New Blush on range - Love Bird, Flamingo, Humming Bird, Pink Pigeon = Reveiw & Swatches

Here I am again with one of my favorite celebrity “Ms. Atiqa Odho” Makeup line”.  We already discussed in details about their most favorite hot seller blush on.  Today, I get a chance to try their new blusher line, which they recently introduced in the market with some changes.  Let’s talk about the new range……

I have tried their four blushes….

Packaging:  These new range are quite sleeker than the previous one in the size and the pan size is little bit bigger.  They have  also mentioned the ingredients, Halal formula and ISO certified over the packaging. 

Texture:  All 4 Blushers are very soft, silky, smooth and highly pigmented. I must say its texture is sooooo buttery… they also contain a hint of shimmer which is quite noticeable and also reflects on over your apple of cheeks J . Staying power is more than 8 hours.

Now let me tell you the exact color of each blush on.

Love Bird ABO-09:
It’s a brownish cinnamon color with little orange tone. This color is perfect for sculpting or contouring the face.  Can also use on crease line to give a neutral touch to eyes or also best for blending on cut crease area for a medium tone brown smoky eyes. This color is bitter dark, so when you are going to take this just slightly swap over the pan. A soft swap is enough to give you a desire results. 

Flamingo ABO-06
What Ahaaamazing Color….. whoop…. A perfect sheer, baby pink color. Best ever, blush one for those who has an ideal skin, as its  just gives a glowing touch to their apple of cheeks. If you are looking for  1000 watt glowing skin without any hassle do get this beauty baby… This one is made for you Beautiful! True blessing J
Also a blessing for those who are more into highlighting, its gives you a hue effect over your highlighting areas. I BET you ladies it will become you new BFF  J

Humming Bird ABO-08
Perfect rosy plum color, best for Asian skin tone. Just gives a blushy blues over your apple of cheeks.  If you are not in a mood to talk, just apply a single stroke of this blush on and it says it all ;) Lovely, louder and talkative.  A killer shade.  Again this shade is darker so single soft stroke is enough to gives you’re a perfect look.

Pink Pigeon ABO 07:
Pretty Rosy Pink Color with a little hint of Peachy undertone.  An everyday color for summer.  Two strokes are enough to make your day lovely and bright and just adding more strokes can flaunt you over the sky.

Swatches of all blushers

I am totally impressed with their improved products, and it’s a very remarkable thing that the Lady herself is now taking interest to improving the products quality & packaging too. Now she is owing her brand full of passion and hard work.

Products sent for test & reviews purpose.  I write this review by myself for public awareness, i applied products, used them and done a complete market research by myself. Nobody pay me any single penny for this, so my point of views are honest and unbiased.

 I am open for discussion and would love to talk more about any single point. So please share your views/points, i would love to answer :)


  1. Love the review Fakhra! Added love bird to my list. They look super pigmented


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  3. Flamingo and Love bird are such pretty shades! Great review!


  4. huming bird n love bird looks pretty

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