Saturday, 9 January 2016

The Dukan - "Miss Becky" Digital Print Series.

Its not easy task to buy stuff through face book pages, mostly you get wrong size or the design was not as per shown in the picture.

The biggest issue we faced,,,, Well, the page owner must be the honest person and we cant become the part of scam.... So when you are going to buy something through online page etc., please make sure the owner is a trust worthy person.

What i mostly do, i personally talk to the owner, check the reviews and how smoothly they are dealing with their clients.

Let's come to the point, i was craving for digital prints since last few months, but every time whatever i found is either the print is excellent but fabric quality was not good or If the they pay attention over the fabric quality, they forgot about design.  Another issue is the unmatched color theory of the water colors or the fabric colors.

Recently, i get a chance to get some shirts from "The Dukan", ts a team of some very talented, energetic and down to earth youngster, who are passionate to work in fabric and design industry. Their main purpose is to provide the best quality fabric with the super cool lovely colors combination in a trendy way. These tunic/shirts can be easily wear in a corporate or a fashion world.

Their designs are far beyond La ba ta sa, Ishq mashooq or gul o gulzar type. Their designer mainly focused on something usual design, uniquely blend of colors with the tarka of East.

Here i am going to share the most super cool designs which i have selected from their "Miss Becky" Digital Silk/Shamooz Print series.

Every single eye can recognized that this designs is a super cool reflection of "London".  How beautifully they portrait the city with images.  The best color combo of black add class and Red shows the beauty of the city.

The 2nd design which i have picked from this collection is this lovely valentino Italy. OMG, such an artistic master piece. Again the design and transaction of different colors add spice over it.

For any updates or online orders do visit their  face book page " The Dukan" for more design you can visit their page at "Noori Art"

My experience with this online page is so far good, the owner is very down to earth, trust worthy and will help you out about the design, style and stuff.

Highly recommended <3


  1. You've picked such classy pieces Fakhra. Love the prints n color schemes. Gotta visit haan :D

  2. They are really amazing and interesting prints! x

  3. Wao..these prints look soo gorgeous...
    nice post.

  4. OMG , i love the prints .. thank you for sharing dear ♡♡