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Gem of Pakistan - Miss. Fariha Rashed

My blog is about makeup, fashion & life style.  I was planning to start another section over my blog related to “Gem of Pakistan”.  My main purpose to start this is just to highlight our hidden talent, their contribution to promote Pakistan globally.  For this, i just took initiate and now trying to approach people related to any kind of professional / business line and acknowledge their struggle and hard work. 

 We met a lot of people in our life on different events or occasion, but we don’t know who they are? Their profession, life style, and how they are playing positive role in our society.  Why we are lacking this, just because we are already influenced of other international personalities, we least bother to search little about our own people, what they are doing how they are bringing positive change in our society. 

 I would like to share some “Gem of Pakistan” with all of you.  I will share their passion, lifestyle & how they are professionally contributing positively in our society with limited resources.

My first personality is the loveliest lady on this earth Miss. Fariha Rashed, she is currently working as a CEO Pitch Media Inc. [PR Agency], CEO Ink [magazine] & Partner at Kensho [clothing brand]

Your Family Please: 
I am single, and lucky enough to still be living with my mother to this day. We have a great relationship where we support each other and discuss everything happening in our lives. I try to be the best daughter I can even though I know I have my flaws :) As a working woman, my life has been intense and like a roller coaster ride ever since I graduated

Your Passion: 
My work! My family & my cat.

Being a social person what do you like/dislike in people: 
I dislike hypocrisy, fake-ness, double-standards & politics amongst people. I like straightforwardness, honesty, genuineness, being down-to-earth and sincerity in people I meet and hang out with.

What you like the most in makeup? Any specific product/brand? 
I absolutely love M.A.C. and do not use any other brand. I wear mascara, kajal, and eyeshadow. I am not a big fan of wearing lipstick.

Share with us your 5 must have beauty products (with brand): 
(1) Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara from M.A.C.,
 (2) Kajal Eyeliner from M.A.C.,
 (3) Lustre Lipstick - Desire by M.A.C., 
(4) All That Glitters Bronze Eyeshadow by M.A.C. 
(5) Studio Fix Fluid (Base) by M.A.C.

Are you a shopaholic? 
Not really - I would rather wait a few months and then go on a shopping free. I find shopping much more satisfying that way.

Favorite fashion/attire: 
Comfort comes before anything else for me. I love my good old shalwar kameez accessorized with a long necklace when stepping out for a meeting or lunch, and mostly my colour of choice is black, although I add in a tough of red or blue at times. I like wearing flat shoes as I just can not walk in high heels. At home I always walk around in soft, comfortable pair of pajamas.

Worst fashion: 
I hate real fur and leather made from the skin of exotic animals. It is uncivilized in my books to wear the corpse of an animal in the name of fashion. Also, animals are treated inhumanely and unethically while in captivity for their fur, and some of them are even skinned alive. Therefore I am #FurFree&Proud and appeal to all our local designers to not use real fur or leather made from the skin of exotic animals in their collections!

Food preferences: 
I am a vegetarian so my food preference includes spinach, feta cheese, pasta, beans and all tomato based dishes. 

Music preferences/favorite singer: 
I love pop, rock and ballads. My favorite singer these days locally is Sajjad Ali and internationally I love Adam Levine.

Those who achieve such as my late grandmother the actress Swaran Lata, my late grandfather the poet Noon Meem Rashed and my late father and diplomat Shahryar Rashed, who gave his children the best life possible.

Strength /Weakness: 
I believe my strength is accomplishing what I put my mind to and staying the course. My weakness is, I am way too moody and that sometimes affects decisions I make and my work.

Her biggest achievement: 
Starting two businesses from scratch and making them both a success. The third one, which is Kensho, a clothing brand, is still in the process of being established. 

Biggest failure/ reason / what you learned from that: 
I would rather call it a mistake than a failure. I should have kept in touch more with my old friends from school and even before that, as those are the people who really know me and will always be sincere to me. I have learned to value friendships more now and hope to forge some long lasting ones.

I am nothing without ... my family 

Sharing is Caring:
 Sharing is definitely important as it keeps you grounded and teaches you the art of giving. When you give, you get back. That is how the universe works. Also, the feeling you get when you give and witness the response to your act of giving, is just incomparable. 

Special Tip to become a successful human/professional: 
To become a successful professional, work hard and make sure you are doing what you are good at in life. Groom yourself and never stop learning new things. To be a good human being, be the best version of yourself. Treat your family well, do things for others, be sincere, be honest, learn from your mistakes, raise your voice for things you feel strongly about and be charitable at heart.

Piece of advise: 
Work hard and enjoy your life side-by-side.

I personally met Fariha, she is such a humble and down to earth lady. I must say a lady who has a heart of Gold. J
Lastly, I am thankful to Miss. Amber Ahmed for making this possible.

I conducted this interview in Feb, 2015, but due to some unavoidable circumstance just won’t be able to publish.  J


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