Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Bloggers Meet up at Massart Misbah Makeup Launch

Whenever, anybody talk about beauty, makeup and hair they automatically named "Depilex". One of our very own legendary personanlity, Mama Massarat Misbah, the pioneer of introducing beauty salons "Depilex" in our country. She is the only lady who introduced salon chain in our country and started training institute, so that under privilege females can learn these skills and support their families.

After spending a decade in beauty industry and doing a lot of research in beauty industry, she took some initiate why not introduce a complete makeup range.  Plus point of this makeup line is that all ingredients are Halal and they designed their makeup range according to Asian skin tone & weather requirement.

Today, i am going to share a little about bloggers meetup, organized at Sante Salon, Lahore. Detail post about philosophy behind this make up and their product line will share soon. :)

Amazing part of this event is that they assign 4 beauty station, with their makeup experts.  These beauty experts, properly guide and advise to all how to select foundation shade, its application, how to apply blush on, eyeliner, lipstick etc. etc.

Mama Massarat Misbah was personally checking all station that all expert are doing right job.  She continuously was actively, talking to all bloggers and sharing her experience giving feed back about beauty trends. :)

Moreover, they also set one stand having all range of their makeup line. so if you want to check and try any product by yourself you can.

Beautiful Ladies,  Mama Massarat Misbah, Nighat Misbah & Redha Misbah

Shinnaya, Ayesha, Mariya

Selfie to banti hey Boss ;)

My bubble Gum, Huda Sheikh

Choco chip Hafsa

Yummy Cupcakes <3

 Yummy cake

Me with Isma Majeed

 and here are the table for bloggers to check and test the products <3

My honey Bee Sherry

Honey bunny Redha Misbah

The super cool sisters Hira, Maria me & kanza

 My suger plum Myra Gill

Bloggers Gang 

Me with Mama Massart Misbah <3


  1. Love it! Its amazing how this post again brings up the whole experience! Love all the photographs fakhra!

  2. Everyone looks so pretty. You girls had lots of fun :)

  3. Great post. I love my smile :p

  4. It surely looks like a great event. Everyone is looking great and u look fab. <3

  5. Great to see you all gorgeous ladies :)

  6. It was a pleasure meeting you all esp you my sugar baby!

  7. nice pics .. I am following you follow me back at

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  9. Looks like you had a great time ! :D

  10. Plus point of this makeup line is that all ingredients are Halal and they designed their makeup range according to Asian skin tone & weather requirement.

  11. In Pakistan Masarrat Misbah! The lady needs no introductions because she is well known across Pakistan for her spectacular work not just in the beauty industry, but beyond! Her makeup products in pakistan's first Halal makeup brand so it's definitely something fit for local ladies. Needless to say, I was ecstatic to be part of the MM Makeup launch in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabaa, so read on to find out if you are just as excited!