Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Essence Metal Glam Eyeshadow in 08 N’ice Frosting - Review

Last year in summer, i was randomly searching NOTHING at ENEM store, just walking there aween hee, without any reason (as usual ) (lolzzz).  Its my standard practice, i normally enter in a mall, stop all makeup stand, test their latest makeup, chit chat with their respective sales girls, Hug them Kiss over their cheeks and buy Shampoo, soaps and Rashan only. On that day i was not supposed to buy anything so i have lot of time to poke all sales girls, in first i just stopped at Essence stand and start talking to sales girl, she is very nice lady.  My main purpose was to chill them only, than that lady start convincing me to buy something from Essence, either i was damn sure not to BUY anything, especially in makeup but i cant resist in front of that beautiful sale girl and start checking products and that testing and checking process ended with huge shopping, n literately that shopping sheared my pocket :( ((What i get from her, soon will share with you)  Now reviewing their one baby eyeshadow here :)

What company Claim about their product:

Metal meets glam! metallic and shimmering effects on your eyes are the ultimate trend! the especially soft texture with extremely high coverage and metallic results creates expressive eye make-up guaranteed to be eye-catching! the range of colors is huge and sure to make every beauty’s heart beat faster!

My Experience:

When i saw their single metal Glam Eyeshadow range, it quickly catches my eyes, i really want something in white or silver with the blend of glitter or shimmery for my eyes, so my eyes glued on N'ice Frosting single eyeshadow.  First come to its packaging, i truly loving its packaging, Pan and clear lid cover is very strong, handy and eye popping too.  When i open it, its looks amazing & the surface is full of glitter, Wowwww, that's what i want since ages na.  When i start applying it, i realized that the only surface is filled with glitter after that only pure white sheer color left :O which is very disappointing to me :( Anyways, i just ignored the glitter part and put a heavy stone over my heart.  snif snif because this is the only reason i purchased this eyeshadow. Again, Anyways, ;) i just concentrate whatever i have in my hand and start applying this eyeshadow, and realized this is such an amazing eyeshadow. :)

Conclusion:  Basically, this range is mild creamy shimmry eyeshadow.  It gives a medium coverage, smooth application but gives great coverage with eye primer.  I must say this is a pure frosty color.  I mostly worn this color on weddings so never get chance for a longer period, maximum 4 hours. Hey what do u expect a longer period from a frosting color, its best na. 

I personally liked Essence, as they are giving almost all types of variety in makeup on a very reasonable price too.  Its a general observation, that companies whom are serving in a reasonable price normally either give a good quality product but they are lacking on packaging or they gives a full shashkas over packaging but lacking on product quality.  Essence maintained both price and quality, they are basically not playing with client pocket or cheating.

Todays, review is over i know its full of fun. Stay blessed. <3


  1. Great review dear .. thanks for sharing :)

  2. Love it! Essence has been my go to stand lately 😁

  3. This is such a unique colour. Beautiful <3

  4. I wasn't super impressed with these eye shadows. I think the price is a bit high for the product you are getting.

  5. Beautiful shade, happy Monday dear <3

  6. Good review. I would love to see the swatches also. Do share on twitter please.