Friday, 14 March 2014

Happy Birthday to Baby Mahnam

I just attended a lovely birthday party of my lovely baby doll MAHNAM, here are some glimpse of the event.

Event:    Mahnam 1st Birthday
Venue:  Bar B. Q Garden, Defence Club, Lahore

Me with Sana Phophoo :) 

Some giveaways <3 

Magic Show

Me with Mom

Hotties (Ash, Sana, Fakhra Phoophoo)

Here is my lovely CAKE <3 

My dad and Chachu is checking the setup

Happy family: Dadoo jani, Mom, Dad <3 

Cutting cake with mom and dad....yo yo yo

<3 Blast

and the lovely Gang, Phoophiyaan and chachu <3

Cake Finish


  1. woww lovely post .. n many wishes n prayers for the adorable baby MA

  2. Awwwww.....MashahALLAH such a cuteeeee baby...May she always be blessed....amazing pix.....xoxoxo....:)

  3. loved this post! that cake is adooorable! :)

  4. awww cake looks so cute ^_^
    looks like you guys had so much fun

  5. Beautiful pics.. May Allah grant her all the happiness...

  6. These pics are so adorable <3 Looks like a fabulous birthday bash!!

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  8. The pictures are so pretty.
    Great post.
    Lets stay in contact through GFC G+ Twitter and Bloglovin. Follow me will love to add you back <3

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