Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector

As everybody knew that BB fever is still in air, and females are adding BB creams in their daily routine. Why? let me share my own experiences. :)

I will not touch its history except BB stand for Blemish Balm.  In Pakistan, when Garnier Introudced BB Cream, it Immediately got attention and become famous beauty product in 2013.

What Company Claim about this product:

This BB cream uses a 5 in 1 technology with a long term care plus a touch of makeup for an immediate perfect skin in one gesture.  Its unique Oil-free formula specially designed for oily skin is enriched with  ultra-absorbing perfectile and mineral pigments.  It mattifies non stop, reduces pores and imperfections, boosts healthy glow, moisturized and protects the skin from UV through its filers SPF 20.  A miracle you can immediately feel and see on your skin!

My experience
Packaging:  it comes in soft tube, having nozal on top to get product out.  The box and the tube packaging is really nice and impressive.  They mentioned product qualities and research work on the box with color guide and price tag. they also mentioned the shelf life of the product which is 12 month but they didnt mentioned the making date, so no body knows when 12 months will be over.

Product Texture:  The product comes in tube and the formula is very liquidy, when you open the cap you noticed that product is ready to come out so you needs to be careful.

About Product:  I am using this since last two weeks and i am fall in love after my first application, though the color is Lighter from my skin tone as  i have Light Medium tone, but i balanced it with my Luscious's Pressed Powder Color 3 (which is already darker for my skin tone lolz).  I pour little amount on back of my hand and apply with my Nanshy foundation buffer brush and voila with in 30 seconds it gives a matt finish flawless look, although i have combination to oily skin but it changes according to weathers :/ so my skin always give me surprises in every season thats why i never hesitate to experiment any product. Nobody knows when and what product my skin start loving :P Its Staying power is bombastic, more than 10 hours, Oh God what els you want from a BB Cream????

In a nutshell;  BB creams are best for regular foundation users and those who always wants / needs a natural and light coverage.  These are best for college girls and working ladies and specially if you are going for shopping, and you just need a fresh healthy glowing skin, you definitely need this beauty baby.

Over All if i rate this BB Cream i will gives 4.5/5 (0.5 i cut due to its manufacturing date and limited shades arability)

Are you a freaking BB Cream Lover Do try this Magical beauty cream <3

 Life is beautiful, live it full of Passion :)

PR samples for review, though i am sharing my honest views, based on my personal observation and experience.


  1. ur each and every word is so true. its one such love. i own this baby and love it truly :)

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  2. Lovely review dearie :)) Even I have tried this and kind of liked it :)

  3. I have been using it since its launch in Pakistan, and can't praise it enough. Nice review btw :)

  4. Nice review dear....xoxoxoxo....:)

  5. I really like this one.It is my go to product.Your review kinda summed up how I feel about it .thumbs up

  6. Great review!! <3 Love the product!!!

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