Friday, 16 August 2013

Secret Eid Swap

Hi Beautiful,

In early this year (Feb-March) the Pakistan Beauty Blogger Community has started an activity in between Pakistani Beauty Bloggers. You can read the details here.   The main purpose to conduct/organized such activity was a close interaction with fellow bloggers, fun and sharing Love. It was really great fun to be part of that activity, and all approved Pakistani bloggers take part in this activity with full of excitement.  After getting a great response, the Admin of PBBC, decided to organize this activity again on Eid Festival so that all bloggers (old and new) can participate and enjoy this eid with joy and happiness.

This time there were 20 participants, in which 17 are Pakistani bloggers and 3 International Pakistani bloggers, yes the quantity shows that how bloggers are interested to take part in this Secret Eid Swap,  Admin float the form to all participant in which they have to share their contact details, their likes, favorite colors and Wishlist.  In wish list, bloggers has to mentioned the products which is easily available in Pakistan.  Total minimum budget was Rs. 2,000/, and you can add more stuff also as per your wish :).  than admin made paired, and all bloggers are restricted not to disclosed their name and address to their partner.  I was paired with Farah Yasin Chaudhary, ( Cutibubbli - Obsessed with Makeup)

She sent me the Gift, Yes i was honored and FIRST Blogger who got the EID GIFT FIRST :D
and i was the last one who sent gift on last moments :( 

She sent me these lovely beauty Babies <3<3<3

 Products for face and lip

All Eye products 

a Pocket Watch

 and a Love Letter <3
Great part of this Gift was that she bought dates, kohal and pocket watch from Madinah :)  We ate dates during Ramadan (forgot to take pic) and my whole family loved her Gift. Apart from Gift i really appreciate her effort and love.

I sent Secret Eid Gift to Hina Muhammad, unfortunately i was disturb alot during those days, never take pictures  .....  (will do a blog post on that part soon), apart from that, i also face some problems to get her wishlist products, so far i contacted almost all online Pakistani stores to get her wishlist products but almost all of them refused, as they were out of stock and can provide the goodies after Eid, which is useless. At last, i got some stuff from 3 different online stores :) though it was tough to get things from them but i managed as i want to sent here all of the products she wants and and and some extras which creates hype in Pakistani beauty market YES, Essence Miami Roller Blusher and Essence Gel Liner, both products are out of stock, and really i tried hard to get both of them for her as Eid Gift but but but,,, these limited edition just handed over the gift to my cousin to post it.

To sum up, again i am thankful to the Admins of PBBC for such beautiful surprise beauty swap. <3<3<3


  1. great stuff :0) All is well that ends well :)

  2. Omg! Color look so pigmented i love the Mua palette beautiful products <3

  3. you got some real good stuff! :)

  4. She choose amazing products <3 MUA Eyeshadow palette looks amazing ..

  5. Magiclamp one of the best store that I shopped alot from this year, merely because they provide me only imported products from company in USA. That's why I trust on them specially on cosmetics.

  6. i am going to check out the essence lip color
    Fellow Bblogger from PBBC following you to show support :)
    Incase you are already not following me do follow back and return the Love <3

    Red Alice

  7. Wow love your swap goodies she is so sweet :)