Sunday, 5 May 2013

Go "Glam Up" with Beauty Bloggers Contest organized by The Body Shop, Pakistan

 "Glam Up" Beauty Bloggers Contest 
organized by The Body Shop, Pakistan

The Body Shop recently Launched their new summer/spring range with the name of Leona Lewis, to promote this limited edition products they organized a Glam Up Beauty Bloggers Contest

First rule for this contest is all participants must go to their nearest flagship store and re create the Leona Lewis Look.   for this we are restricted to use only TBS products and are not allowed to use any other brand. So far, its a fun activity and i hope al participants must enjoyed to using all TBS products.

 Leona Lewis Limited Edition

The Leona Lewis Collection

This Collection is focused "Curtly Free Collection" , color theme followed Pink, in which they introduced Lip glosses, shimmering Blush and shimmering Bronze, Multipurpose blush brush, and White Musk Libertine .

So here is a look I have to recreated, to be honestly this is not a daily wearable look, but as we are restricted to follow the instruction so we just done this.

CHAaaaaaa  :P

Products i have used to create the look

Products I have used to create my Look

The Body Shop Moisture Foundation in No. 6
The Body Shop Flawless concealer in No. 4
The Body Shop Face Powder in No. 4
The Body Shop Leona Lewis Shimmer Palettes
The Body Shop Dual Carbon Eye Definer Pencil
The Body Shop Leona Lewis Single Eye Shadows in 115, 310, 315, 001
The Body Shop Mascara

The Body Shop Leona Lewis Lip Glosses

Over All:

I personally enjoyed alot by recreating this look, about the launched products, i founded that the Lip glosses are excellent, they are super glossy, non sticky and their staying power is more than 6 hours, Yes, :), the shimmer palettes are also good they can be wear in day time, the dull gold color in bronze is hard to apply and not giving the exact color, but the blusher is excellent. I fall in love with the MUSK, and really added this in my Wish list. :)

I have faced few problems while creating this look, the main problem was Light, the shop has glass walls and the sunlight and the shop inside light both were clashing with my camera flash... :|
i was unable to take exact picture, the sales girl was so kind and offer me to click my pics, otherwise i was feeling that i done a look but lost to capture it :O  Second problem my eyes became watery, a huge flood of water came in my eyes and remove waterline liner etc... i hardly manage to apply pencil again and again and again

Fruit of Thoughts:

I do highly recommend this The Body Shop Dual Carbon Eye Definer Pencil, this is such an amazing beauty baby, i have created my eyes with this, though i am a cake liner user but i truly admire the result of this Pencil and the smugger is also excellent.

Note of thanks:

I would like to thankful to The Body Shop for organizing such excellent opportunity for bloggers, its really means alot to all bloggers. Their Sweet heart PR Manager for managing all, i knew a single lady is handling all freaking bloggers and obliging their all blah blah questions.  Salute to their sales team, they are so cooperative and humble.


  1. Good job! All the best xx
    P.S. you look SO cute while posing like Leona Lewis :D

    1. Thanks.... Lolzzz, yaar i took one more funny but avoid to paste here, will do solo one ;)

  2. Very well done =)
    Best of Luck!

  3. I really liked the pencil aswell! Good luck!

  4. you're so cute, love the poses!! :D

  5. Cute pose & nice look:)all the best .
    I had the same watery eyes problem & guess wat i took my own pix!

    1. Thank you

      Exactly, i was alone, and quite confused to because, the female customer, they were conscious what i am doing and why??? but it was a really fun part.<3

  6. Great job fakhira. All the best for the contest:)

    1. Thank, where have you been Lost Fragrance World???

  7. well done fakhra...nice posing

  8. Very cute and bubbly!

  9. nice job dear , best of luck :)

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  11. You did a good job yaar!:) xx

  12. Just found your blog and reading my first post here :) cute poses :)

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