Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nivea Visage Purifying Washing Gel

Nivea Visage Purifying Washing Gel
Deeply Purifies & Mattifies for Pure Skin
Mixed to oily skin


Product Descriptions:
Nivea Visage Purifying Wash Gel deeply purifies mixed to oily skin.  It actively removes excess sebum to prevent shine.  Effective formula with Anti-shine complex and micro scrubs.

Results:   The skin is deeply purified and mattified, leaving it pure.

Apply gently to wet face and neck, avoiding the eye area.  Rinse off with lukewarm water.

My Experience:
Nivea is a well know brand for skin care, it doesn’t need any introduction.  This is the main reason when I saw this product on Shelf I suddenly purchased it without any single thought. I used this product two months back and its never disappoint me.  This is the first face washer available in GEL form with blue micro scrubs inside it. Truly, it works excellent for washing face, removes your makeup like deep cleanser and a little drop of jell is enough to clean your face.  It works well for all skin types in summer but in winter big NO for Dry skin, as it makes skin bit dry.  I aint found any positive work of Micro scrubs included in it. I personally love its packaging amazingly the bottle color and jell color is same :. Its available in all big stores, i purchased it from Al-Fateh, Liberty, Lahore.

Packaging :  150 ml clear light blue bottle.

Price : Rs.  525/-

In winter i am using some more lovely products for my skin, do share soon with you guys.

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  1. would you recommend me a good facewash for dry skin?

  2. ive seen this in a lot of places but never picked it up for some reason. wil definetly be giving it second thoughts next time i see it

  3. I tried Nivea Mattifying toner , turned out pretty amazing ... Want to give it a try , Thanks for sharing love <3 x

  4. This sounds really good. I have never thought of using Nivea face wash. x