Monday, 30 April 2012

Breed of Vampire - Fun Look

Hi Lilies,

How are you? hope life is treating you good. two weeks back me and my Lovely Friend Sana we done some Vampire looks. Actually Sana's Bro and his friends have a farewell party and they selected the Vampire looks  so me and Sana try to give them a complete vampire look with some modern touch. I forgot to take preparation pictures just because of time limitation, so here are some picture to share with you just for fun.

Ready for Action 

Vampire Breed with MUA (ME :P)

 Sana and Jammi
 The Vampire Breed is ready

Me and Jammi 

Here is a token of Love they gave me Chocolate Box, ya ya ya ya... Love you guys <3

Hope you guys like it, if your interested than i can do a complete tutorial on it.for you guys.

Yes, I must say Thank you to Sana who give me this opportunity to become the part of this Vampire team and She helped me out alot. Love you baby <3

Take care,
Love you all

Fakhra :)


  1. Awww wonderful post i just wondering wat is the height of the guy wearing maroon shirt :P and look like you peaple have so much fun

  2. love the makeup - they really do look like vampires haha

    xo Nav

  3. Wow. This is some awesome makeup. =D