Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Brand - Kayseria, Winter Collection 2011

The Brand - Kayseria:

“Art, Integrity, Quality and Magic!”

The word 'Kayser' translates to Saffron in English and the word 'Kayseri' represents the colour of Saffron. Indeed ‘Kayseria’ is the Eastern jogi, the pilgrim adorned in the unstitched Saffron robe who sets out to discover inner beauty that transcends the splendor of this world. The brand is thus intrinsically based in the Eastern concept of soul, inner meaning and spirit.

Indeed the Kayseria brand strongly believes in the integrity of original designs and is perhaps among the pioneers of Eastern fashion brands in the country to have a dedicated research and development department led by an experienced and qualified designer, Waleed Zaman. Waleed himself represents and upholds a rich family history and tradition of bringing new talent, dynamism and quality to consumers as an important part of the seasoned family venture SEFAM. SEFAM is the force behind Kayseria and also the creators of Bareeze, the strongest and most recognizable brand in the Pakistani textile market as well as Chinyere, Minni Minors, Leisure Club and Home Expressions. The Kayseria brand itself has grown to become one of the largest, most successful and trusted textile retail brands from Pakistan with over 50 outlets in 5 countries

At Kayseria, each design is researched academically and handled as if creating a genuine work of art with designs inspired by the cultural brilliance found across the great civilizations of the world, with a particular focus on the cultural and artistic heritage of the ancient, mysterious and divine subcontinent. The Kayseria design teams treat their fabrics as canvasses exploring boundaries and horizons in print and embroidery to present designs and collections that represent a blend between tradition and modernity and that are wholly original yet competitively priced. Kayseria is also renowned and coveted for only working with the finest quality fabrics available – a commitment foremost in the brands’ vision since the very beginning. To this end Kayseria works with pure silks, fine cottons, diaphanous laces and cotton – nets, the most delicate embroideries and, most recently, intricately detailed digital prints set with detailed designs.

Kayseria will soon be launching a screen print collection, embellished accessories and an exclusive Sarree collection in 2012.

A socially conscious brand, Kayseria is associated with various charitable causes and organisations such as Concerned Citizens of Pakistan [CCP] lending support for Flood Affectees. The brand also promotes Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital Awareness at each one of their outlets and also leads the Zaman Foundation, providing life support help in medical, education and other facilities.

About The Winter Collection 2011:

“Let Kayseria Colour You”

As a brand, Kayseria is constantly inspired by the allure of all great traditions of the world, past and present – a vast reservoir of ideas aesthetics and concepts handed down, across countless ages by artistes who have historically striven towards the creation of that which is beautiful.

Drawing on this guiding design ethos, this winter, Kayseria presents a mix of living colours and designs, vibrant and eclectic, etched on to their signature and renowned quality fabric. The Kayseria Winter Collection draws further inspiration from Fashion Designer Klint, animal prints, African Ikat, Islamic motifs, Egyptian Art, Fresco, Islamic Geometry, Mughal Art, Chintz, the Chinese province of Miao, Islamic Textile, Phulkari, Petradeuro, Floral Mosaic and Abstract art as envisioned by their lead designer, Waleed Zaman. Indeed Kayseria interprets the winter season as bright and vivacious with a variety of over 25 winter designs all available in three piece suits as well as single shirts, including exclusive digital prints in multiple colour palettes.

The Kayseria Winter Collection also comes with embellished buttons, embellished water lace, exclusive appliqué velvet lace, cotton satin embroidered trousers, “malmal” embroidered dupattas, organza embroidered lace and grip embroidered trousers for select designs with fabrics such as Lyocell, Modal Staple, Finer Cambric, Cotton Linen, Silk Jacquard, Khaddar, Bamboo Slub Modal, Bamboo Slub Cotton, Chiffon, Grip Silk and Chamois Silk.

Shahnameh, an exclusive range of Men’s Easternwear by Kayseria is also being presented within the brands’ Winter Collection, with over nine designs available in multiple colour palettes based in fabrics such as Silk Jacquard, Chambray and Cambric.

The Winter Collection is now exclusively available at over 60 Kayseria outlets across 5 countries.

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  1. WOW these designs are sooooo beautiful!!! I would love to wear the red and gold piece in the third picture--it is sooooo gorgeous!!!

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