Friday, 2 December 2011

ARTDECO - Advent Calender 2011

A Beauty Game

 The Artdeco Advent Calender 2011

Rule of the Game:

It’s Christmas time at ARTDECO
With the ARTDECO interactive Advent calendar you can win terrific prizes every day.  And on the 24th of December the main prize will be a “Best of ARTDECO collection”.  Winners will be selected by ARTDECO. The legal process is excluded.

How to take part:

Click on the door indicating the current date. Answer the question on the following page. If the answer is correct you just have to register in order to participate in the draw of the day. The daily winner will be instantly informed by e-mail.

In order to win the top prize provided on the 24th of December you have to answer all 24 questions correctly. Consequently you receive the chance to win 24 times. You can always open the door from the current day as well as any door from the days before. Obviously you can’t open doors in advance.

Main Prize

Win your individual "Best of ARTDECO" package with the ultimate highlights from the ARTDECO makeup and care range and choose your favorite colors! The main prize contains:

1 Ceramic Nail Lacquer of your choice
1 2in1 Base & Top Coat
1 ARTDECO Mascara of your choice
1 Eyeshadow Base
1 Eye Designer Applicator incl. 2 Eye Designer Refills
   of your choice
4 ARTDECO Eyeshadows of your choice with
   Applikator and Beauty Box Quattro
   "Forever Glam"
1 ARTDECO Eye Liner of your choice
1 ARTDECO Lip Gloss of your choice
1 ARTDECO Lip Liner of your choice
1 ARTDECO Lipstick of your choice
1 Perfect Teint Concealer or Perfect Teint Illuminator
   of our choice
1 ARTDECO Foundation or Powder of your choice
1 Make-up Base
1 Brush Bag incl. 10 ARTDECO professional brushes:
   Powder Brush, Blusher Brush, Foundation Brush,
   Eyeshadow Brush large, Eyelash Brush, Eyeshadow
   Applicator, Eyeshadow Brush small, Eyebrow Brush,
   Lip Brush, Eyeliner Brush.
1 Glamour Bracelet with black crystals
1 Glamour Necklace with black crystals
1 Intense Moisture Caviar Cream
1 Rich Caviar Eye Cream

Additionally you will receive two beauty bags and the ARTDECO Makeup Guide with lots of professional makeup tips.

This exclusive "Best of ARTDECO" package is the main prize and will be raffled amongst the participants of the ARTDECO Advent Calendar who took part in all 24 days and answered all questions correctly. Good luck!


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