Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pure Love Contest

Dear Lilies,

Fortunately or unfortunately, i was planning to do this contest since laste 3 months but unable to organized it as i was too much concious, either i will work on it or not, if Yes, than how to do this?, and what to buy as a gift for this precious relationship.  Now, i realize it Yes, i have to work on it and got collected many things as a gift as well, which i will share with you soon :). purpose of this contest is On 26th November 2011, we have 1st death anniversary of our beloved mother. it’s a small tribute to my mother through this contest.
I dedicated this contest to all lovely mothers on this earth.
Picture courtesy: Google image

About contest (Mandatory rules):
1- Take a picture with your mom (the most lovely person on this earth) and send it to me on my email id (fakhrarafique@gmail.com) or  If you are a mother you can also take part in this contest take a picture with your daughter / son and send it to me. Or if your mother is not alive than you can take the picture with your any relative to whom you consider her just like your mother. (kindly mentioned the relationship for clarity)
2-   Picture should be simple, clear and without any editing, I would love to see the natural loving pose rather than fake action.
3-   Kindly mention the contest logo “PURE LOVE” on a simple paper etc. for showing the real picture.
4-  There are two gifts:  one is for the participant and other for the lovely personality (She got a surprize gift, according to their age group) J
5-   I will share pictures on my blog, but if you don’t want than kindly mentioned it, I’ll keep it confidential. 
6-  Open International / there is no age limitation. J
8-  Start from 01st November2011 till 30th November 2011

How to participate (1-3 are Mandatory):
1- Follow my blog publically mentioned your GFC Name or email ID is must.
2- Follow my face book Fakhra Rafique Blog
3- Follow me on Twitter @Fakhra07

4-  You got extra points for any extra efforts, i.e. Blog post, facebook status, recommends to your friends, tweeting it, side post on your blog. The more you spread the news the more you get the chance to win. Kindly also mentioned it in comments box
5- Those who don’t have any blog, may recommend / share it with their network, and they need to mentioned that “recommended by ----- “.
6- If you have any question feel free to ask me J
Waiting for your love :)

Love you all



  1. great post, love. thanks for sharing. I've got a brand new outfit post. Love to hear what you think. Also don't forget to sign up for my amazing jewelry giveaway. xo


  2. Great idéa but I will pass, I live to far away from my mother unfortunately.