Monday, 3 October 2011

Capri Moisturizing Hand Wash

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Today I am holding a product in my hand it’s none other than our local brand Capri hand wash.  They recently launch their new product name “Capri Moisturizing hand wash”. Initially they introduced this product in 2 flavors, one is in Rose Petals, Strawberry Extract & Milk Protein (in pink) and 2nd one is in Aloe Vera, Honey and Milk Protein (in pearly white).  

The Capri’s PR team send me their moisturizing hand wash in Aloe Vera, Honey and Milk Protein.

What they are claiming about their product: 
Making your skin soft is easy when you have nature at work.  Capri hand wash with soothing Aloe Vera, Honey and milk Protein makes your skin velvety soft and smooth.

About Product:
It comes in 250ml transparent, clear plastic bottle, having retraceable white knob on it. The liquid is clear pearly white with medium liquid thickness. It cost you Rs. 175/- only easily available on are departmental stores.

My Experience:
I am already very much into body showers & hand washers, and love to use all type of liquid stuff. Its my new experience to use this brand although I likes their all soaps, due to its creamy effect and its long lasting fragrance. 

I pour few drops on my palm and love to see the liquid texture, which is clear pearly white, but unable to feel the fragrance exactly. When I wash my hand I feel the scent of the liquid which is totally carrying Aloe Vera extract.  I also noticed that its Capri quality, when u open the product u will not able to feel the fragrance, but when u use it than u realize and feel the extensive scant of the flavor.  Liquid makes an average foam (i wont call it lather even) (and I personally like it) and its easily rinse off, leave your skin smooth, soft and moisturizing effect is normal, which is good.
As u guys know I always do some extra ordinary things so I also experienced it to use this liquid hand washer as a body shower :D . My concerned is, if we can wash the hand with this liquid than  we can use it to our whole body as well because we are wrapped with one same skin, our body, hand, etc. etc. etc. we have balanced same skin texture from head to toe, so why just limited with hands, why not face and body J u can imagine its give a very very very pleasant feelings… it really works good with my body as well, and I take little time to take shower as well… ;) just because the bubbly foam easily rinse off from my body.  J
One positive point is you can again lock its retraceable knob and it safe to carry in your travelling bag as well.   J 
I must say its worth buying, you must try this product.

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  1. Great review! Sad that this product is not available in my country. - Mar
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