Thursday, 29 September 2011

Shopping shred my pocket - Second episode “its all about Shoes”

Dear Lilies,
So beautiful, here is another episode regarding “its all about Shoes”.  In my previous post I mentioned my “Action Plan” in which I mentioned about market survey, so you can say that I done such sort of thing for buying these shoes.
There are a lot of brands here, and all are offering a lot of variety, styles and trying to beat in prices as well. This time I decided not to go for any brand just randomly purchase the shoes, ( and for this I took a big risk for this) Actually I have very abnormal feet, means buying shoes is a very tuff job for me, whatever I like when I wear that article, it does not suits on my feet, One more thing Size always irritate me normally I buy 8 number shoes, and mostly it happened with me when I select any shoes (after spending many hours) size doesn’t fit me…L either they have no. 7 (which is tight to me) or no. 9. (which is obviously bigger) Above all I have one big issue with my feet, in day time they are normal but in evening my feet swelled a lot, which may cause a lot for selecting size in open and pumps as well.  I love to walk, so my preferences is whatever I buy, it should be Comfortable. Phew so these are few issues which always irritates me for buying shoes because, my family and friends says I have lot of Nakhras while buying anythingL. 
Besides all above “issues” I take a risk and buy shoes from Stall, J because I am a very big Risk Taker person.  I went to City Tower, Gulberg, Lahore for buying some Gull Ahmed stuff; suddenly I saw some Shoes stalls in the basement, so I decided why don’t take a look on it and its worthy for me…J
I talked to the  salesman, about the shoes quality etc., he said these all are Thai brand and now they are taking their market shares and beating China as well (in quality wise) although they are bit pricy (if compare with china brand) but their quality is comparatively very good from china stuff.  They have different prices for different shoes and you can find a lot of color variety and style.  I selected few which I am sharing here. The one which force me to stay on this stall is Cheeta print shoes. J yes, I want cheetah print shoes, since ages, and now I succeeded to got this beautiful shoes in my shoe collection J

They have different prices for different shoes but what I have selected the price range was about @ Rs.  750/- each, but after a detail bargain they give me shoes @ Rs. 675/- Each (not bad deal)

You noticed that i buy all flat shoest except net one, its quite sort of Wedge i personally like its net and the Net bow on top of it, very facinating and eye catching.

Right now i just experienced with Cheeta one and the milky white pums, and you cant imagain how compfortable these shoes are... at last my risk give me a really big pay off in shape of comfort.

What is your preference for buying any shoes, what are your favorite shoes? Do share..:)

Love you all


Life is beautiful, live it with full of passion J


  1. You got yourself some really beautiful shoes and of course for a very good price :) x Nice!

  2. nice haul fakhra...

  3. You got yourself some great bargains.

  4. Cute shoes, I really like the first pair.=)

  5. hey you got pretty shoes in such a reasonable price

  6. Shoeeesss.. So many shoes! I love shoes :D

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