Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Future Action Plans

Dear Lilies,
How are you doing? hope life is treating you nicely. Well I already told you that last month I worked on different projects like, different makeup looks, cooking, attending few beauty get togethers etc. etc. but unfortunately wasn’t able to share with you guys. This break period is over now and now I have to share my work/ experiences with you, hope you guys like my efforts. First let me share you my future action plans which I will sharing with you in future, So ladies, control your breath. J
My first project 7 Deadly Sins Series. :o Strange but its true, I selected this series as I feel I need to explain these concepts to you through some colors language.  After this I will work on the 7 deadly fashion sins as well. :D This is sooooooo amazing experience. J
The 2nd one is Fantasy world; it can be anything but must be some reasonable things so I done some looks on it.
3rd  is Inspirational series. It can be anything… any celebrity, plant, animal, whatever my eyes will catch I will try to transfer that in my own way …..
4th is “Fruit of Thoughts”: I used to attend different learning seminars/sessions etc. from now I will take the notes of these and try to capture some pictures and will share you.
5th is “Market Survey”: I had a huge collection of beauty stuff and I use to bought things from different markets, now let me share with you my . The In & Out trends, buyer choices and the shopkeeper’s point of view.
6th Gift Ideas:  Lets share your gift ideas, what do you want to buy for your beloved one, Family & Friends, colleges etc. etc.
7th the Day to Day Look. It can be Makeover, the dress ideas, accessories & shoes selection etc. according to the event, etc.  
Special Posts: Knock Knock lets share our experienced with our other lovely bloggers. Lets promote “Guest Posts” I must say a Special or Courtesy Call. It may help out others to knowledge sharing & show their abilities.
Above all there is a Special and important thing which is the main part of my LIFE and I would like to share it with you and need your opinions about this, its “Public Awareness”. The main purpose of this part is we should knew that how valuable we are, being a female what type of problems we are facing in our society and how can we protect ourselves socially or legally.  The social norms, problems, domestic violence, threats, harassment, these are little tinny things which spoil anyone’s personality or life, and give a psychological assault to someone. We need to know that How can we overcome our unknown fears. What activity can make us to become the valuable part of this society?  We, as a female are the STRONGEST part of this society, lets prove it. J We create nations, we make nations and we make them honorable, lets honor ourselves as well J Lets add some values to take some values.

I hope you girls agree with me and support me to work on my all projects.
One more things, your comments, suggestion, criticize all are valuable to me, I love to be criticize. J
I hope we can add something positively through this virtual world.

Life is beautiful, live it with full of passion J

Love you all



  1. looking forward to the 7 deadly sins series. :)

  2. Can't wait to hear more about this dear, cause until now your words sound so inspirational!;)
    Jelena (