Monday, 29 August 2011


Dear Lilies,

I know its been long time that i am unable to post anything for my lovely blog, although i am not absent from this blogging world. I know am quite regular to replying or giving feedback on my other lovely beauties world.  Well there is a question if i am spending such time to shareing my thoughts with others why dont i am giving a little time to my own world although i have alot of stuff & pics to share.

This negligence is just because there is a huge /gap / space in my soul .  Why i am absent there is only few minor reasons, this August is my birthday month, we have Blessing month Ramadan and i miss my mother a lot, i dont know why, i am still unable to believe this true reality that she is no more with us as i am still feeling her presence. i miss my mother alot thats why i am unable to accept or enjoy the beauty of this month. May be i am wrong.  Now this month is about to end and i feel may be now i am able to do something for my this virtual world.

There is a humble request to all of you, if you read this post, kindly pray for my mother, and give your mother two kisses from my side.

I shall be thankful to you.



  1. Fakhra I can feel what u feel I lost my mother 12 years ago.

  2. May your mother's memory be a blessing Fakhra... so sorry to hear that your soul is hurting, I'm sending you my warmest thoughts and well wishes :)

  3. May Allah bless your mother with all the bounties of Jannah. I'm sure she is very proud of you. I wish I could be of help to make you feel better.But all I can do is pray.

  4. The word Thank you is very small, but i must say "Thank You". Must say you you are such a beautiful souls & u raise my my spirit of life.

    Once again thank you for your love, care and prayers.

    Loads of love and prayers :)

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