Saturday, 6 August 2011

Goodies from Canada

Hi Lilies,

How are u beautiful? well we are having our beautiful Holy month "Ramadan" here, and all are busy to spend more time for prayers and trying to collect maximum Blessing of Allah (God), in couple of days will do a detail post on this blessing month (InshAllah).

Right now i would like to share something with you guys, last month my elder sister (Tanzeela) sent us a box of goodies from Canada. these goodies are for me, and my other two sisters.  I really appreciate her effort to collect these goodies according to our choices and showing her love. I have no words for her this lovely gift, i think the word "Thank You" is very small....Love you darling.

So let me open the Treasure box infornt of you guys ......

 Accessories (earings, rings, bracelet)

Color Mascaras, Claire's simple and glittery eyeliners


Trendy Hair styler set, lip blams, mobile accessories and small perfumer testers

Aveda eye accent, lipstick , Revlon Color Stay, and Almay lip color

Claire's Club Lippies 

Claire's Eyeliner in dark brown color

So here is a final picture of all Lovely Goodies..... :).  I love all of them....lolzzz

What is your preference for buying a gift for your family, friends, classmates or colleague? Do share please :)

Love you all :)



  1. ooo.. you got some great goodies from your sweet sisters. :) Now waiting for the reviews ^^

    I mostly buy gifts for my sisters. I give them what they like which includes nail polishes or jewelry most of the time or we just have a pizza which we all love <3 hehehe

  2. Great stuff. Lucky girl :) would love to know what perfume testers you got.

  3. So cute . Everything is so cute Sisters are blessing . Mine is in London these days , she is a doctor and has zero interest in makeup .

  4. @Sara: thank you, love Pizza idea ;)

    @pandora: thank u, yea sure :)

    Sarah: thank you, awww u cant beleive she was just like ur sister but my makeup Passion now activ her Sleeping beauty taste.... ;)he he he...

  5. Oh lovely..lucky girl, Sarah is right, sisters are really a blessing. I'm sure this Eid will be special for you..haha

  6. wow thats alot of great stuff :D love it

  7. super cute stuff :) wish i had a sister in cananda :P well i usually buy gifts mostly for my husband.. and he likes perfumes.. :)

  8. wao such a great it....

    new follower
    i would love if u follow back

  9. The makeup goodies look like they will be a lot of fun to play with. :)