Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Kiss Touch Liquid Diamond Eyeliner

Oh Beautiful dears,

Last month i have done alot of work for my blog but fortunately or unfortunately i was unable to paste data on my this lovely page. Right now i am doing a review of the "Diamond Eyeliner". Its a liquid glitter eyeliner (Made in China), available in six colors, Silver, White, Golden, Green Blue & Purple. I purchased Silver, Green, Blue and Purple and rest 2 colors are so so.
The overall product appreance is nice as bottle is Crysal rather than plastic and the cap of the eyeliner has a very beautiful big eye on it. the brush tip is very smooth and easy to apply on eyelid, its up to you where you want to apply this gelly, glittery liquid eyeliner. the most amazing thing is that its china product with nice smell :). you need to apply a think line and spread it carfully if you apply a thick line than you need to wait 2-3 minutes to dry.

So personally i liked it as i have very sensetive eyes and still i can be able to wear these colors on my eyes easily.



  1. Wow! Loved the blue and green one

  2. thank u, these are also my fav colors and i personally love their shimmer effect. :)

  3. Where did you buy this ? N plx tell me the price as well