Friday, 15 April 2011

Dark Pleasure by Revlon

Hi Lilies,

Recently I grew my nails for a wedding function; I am taking advantage of these long nails and will apply nail color on my real nails. Hope you like it. I am not a Nail Polish Freak, but still I had huge collections of Nail paint :(. I just used these colors occasionally, but my elder sister is a very big fan of nail paint so usually I buy nail paint for her. .

Revlon is my all time favorite brand, and honestly whenever I try any product of this brand I always feel honor :) they never ever disappoint me, same case in Nail paint.

Right now I applied Revlon's Dark Pleasures (800), its Metalic dark grey color. I love this color because only one coat is enough to fulfill my requirement. You don’t need to apply 2-3 coats for a better, good or to enhance the color. I personally like its bottle, which is square, applicator is very good and the liquid inside the bottle is normal, not so thick or think you can easily apply it accordingly. It dry quickly as Revlon may don’t need to take more time.

So ready for another blast….. ;-)


Fakhra 

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