Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Favourite Oscar dress personality 2011

Hi beautiful Lilies,

Well, unfortunately my camera is showing me attitude and not supporting me. :( Since last couple of weeks i had created may makeup looks and take pictures for product reviews but unfortunately i lost almost all pictures :( . Anyways, my spirit is still high with all ups and downs. :) So right now, i ve decided to start my blog from my favourite Oscar dress personality. Here i am sharing my favourite dresses and looks with you guys hope u like it.

love :)

Best Couple
Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied

Best Dresses

Hilary Swank, she is looking just like the Swan beautiful

Halle Berry - My All time fav. she is looking stunning in head to toe. Her hair style, makeup and Dress... superb.

 Hailee Steinfield - i liked her head band and silver stunning clutch

Jennifer Hudson : looking Orange marmalade

Sandra Bullock : is Chill in sexy red hot chilli gown.

Scarlet Johansson:  simple &  elegant

Shaun Robinson: Extra bonus for her beautiful smile

Mandy Moore:  calm & decent in nude selection

 Julia Ormond is looking so decent in mermaid gown

Natalie Portman - an eye catching plum v-neck pleated bodice wine gown, just looking yummy .

Mila Kunis - Beautifully wraped in cool lavender lace chiffon dress excellent makeup and hair style. 

 Ashwarya : looking like a complete Desi copper kettle

 Nicole Kidman : stunning in white with red peep toe

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