Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cleansing is a FUN with “Jamieson” laboratories’ Facial Cleanser

Hi lilies,

I hope you guys are enjoying your life. I am reviewing one product related to cleansing. Our skin is our best friend, every time it allow us to do any experiments on it, either it’s for our own creation or for any competition. We are makeup lover and every time we apply single or multiple things on our skin due to this we also be careful about the cleansing of our skin otherwise it will not allow us to apply our lovely products or we may not be able to make us as lovely as we want or it may causes of any infection or Pimples etc. to avoid for such things we need to give some space to our skin so that it may be able to take breath as well. To make our skin healthy and glowing we need to follow 3 steps regimen to clean, moisturize and toning our skin by doing this our skin will remain healthy and beautiful.

Cleansing is the basic element to purify your skin. So right now I am using only one product as a makeup remover, cleanser, moisturizer and toner. Its “Jamieson” laboratories’ Facial Cleanser for All skin type. It has a pure white gentle cleansing formula with super hydrating nutrients. It’s a 3 in 1 cleanser which purifies, moisturizes and calms your skin. Interesting thing is that its in foaming shape, you just press the top and the gentle foam came out in your palm you just gently rub the foam on your skin and splashes plain water on you face, you will amazed that it removes all makeup within 30 seconds without drying your skin, and after wash you will free fresh. Its non greasy, none sticky and fragrance free foam. Since I am using this product I feel cleansing is a FUN, put some amount on your palm apply on your face and after 30 second you are makeup free person with out any lengthy step following regimen. Always follow 3C, Clear, clean and clams. :)

Love you


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